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Alloy Calculators

Instantly determine what metals you need in order to make sterling silver, reticulation silver, shibuichi, shakudo, 10k gold, 14k gold, 18k gold, and yellow gold alloy mix
An alloy is a metal composed of two or more metals melted together in very specific ratios. Each alloy has its own characteristic properties, color, and uses. Alloying your own metal can save you money and make good use of your metal scraps. You can use alloys to make casting grain, or you can pour your own ingots to form wire or sheet.

Usually making an alloy of your own would require all sorts of equations, but we've done the math for you! Just plug your information into these calculators to get started.
Calculate Ingredients Needed to Make an Alloy
So let's say you'd like to make 30 grams of reticulation silver. What other metal(s) would you need to make that alloy, and how much of each metal should you mix together?

Use this quick calculator and skip the math!
gram(s) of
Calculate Alloys Made with a Certain Ingredient
What if you have 15 grams of fine silver lying around? What sort of alloys could you make with that? And how many grams of other metals would you need to add to the mix?

Use this quick calculator to find out in a flash!
gram(s) of
The "gold alloy mix" in these calculators is for making yellow gold only. We recommend making up gold alloy mix on its own as sheet, wire, or casting grain. Then use portions of that mix as a single metal when changing the karat of gold.
For More Information
Learn how to make your own alloys, including melting temperatures and the order in which you should mix metals, read "Transform Scraps or Casting Grain into Your Own Alloys" by Art Jewelry magazine Associate Editor Addie Kidd. The article's in the May 2009 issue, on page 34.

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