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Lush assortment bead necklace

Master your loop-making technique when you create a necklace with a profusion of dangles.
Full necklace

Combine a lush assortment of beads in a coordinating color palette to frame a pendant. Arrange a plethora of components and clusters, and use wrapped loops and jump rings to connect them for the neck chain. 


necklace 18 in. (46 cm)

  • 30–40 mm natural shape dyed semiprecious stone pendant, green dyed banded agate (Bead Gallery®, 121173)
  • 6 22 mm amber glass luster lentil beads (Bead Gallery, 149744)
  • 4 20 mm green aventurine lentil beads (Bead Gallery, 121060)
  • 4 16 mm disc beads, light aqua (Bead Gallery, 401943)
  • 5 10 mm round-cut matte dark amber AB beads (Bead Gallery, 129129)
  • 6 8 mm round ceramic beads, earth (Bead Gallery, 467383)
  • 5 8 mm round crystals, light smoke satin (Crystazzi®, 137406)
  • 6 6 mm round-cut matte dark amber and rainbow beads (Bead Gallery, 464207)
  • 7 4 x 6 mm faceted glass beads (Bead Gallery, 149756)
  • 6 4 x 6 mm freshwater rice pearls (Bead Gallery, 401624)
  • 7 3 x 6 mm faceted glass rondelles, amethyst (Bead Gallery, 461592)
  • 12–22 4 mm bicone crystals, light azore (Jolee’s Jewels™, B01013825)
  • 13–23 3 mm freshwater pearls, natural lavender (Bead Gallery, 467306)
  • toggle clasp (Jewelry Essentials®, 443217)
  • 1 yd. (.9 m) 22- or 24-gauge wire
  • 53 2-in. (5 cm) head pins
  • 15 8 mm jump rings (Metal Madness, 421791)
  • chainnose pliers 
  • roundnose pliers
  • wire cutters


1. On a head pin, string a 3–10 mm bead, and make a plain or wrapped loop. If the bead slides over the end of the head pin, string a 3 mm freshwater pearl or 4 mm bicone crystal first (PHOTO A).

2. Repeat step 1 with the remaining 3–10 mm beads to make a total of 53 dangles.


1. Cut 21⁄2 in. (6.4 cm) of wire, and make a wrapped loop on one end. String a 22 mm lentil bead, 20 mm lentil bead, or 16 mm disc bead, and make a wrapped loop (PHOTO B). 

2. Repeat step 1 to make a total of six 22 mm connectors, four 20 mm connectors, and four 16 mm connectors.

Delightful dangles_a
Delightful dangles_b


1. Arrange the dangles and connectors in a pleasing manner, keeping in mind the following: Make two strands; in each strand, alternate seven connectors with groups of four dangles, placing a connector at each end of each strand. Make sure the connectors are symmetrical and the dangles are well balanced in color and size. The arrangement determines the order in which you will connect the units.

2. Open an 8 mm jump ring, attach an end loop of a connector, two dangles, an end loop of the next connector, and two dangles. Close the jump ring (PHOTO C). Repeat to attach a total of seven connectors and 24 dangles. 

3. Open an 8 mm jump ring, and attach half of the clasp to an end connector.

4. Repeat steps 2 and 3 for the remaining half of the necklace.

5. Open an 8 mm jump ring, attach the remaining end connector of one half of the necklace, two dangles, the pendant, two dangles, the remaining end connector of the other half of the necklace, and a dangle. Close the jump ring (PHOTO D).

Delightful dangles_c
Delightful dangles_d
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