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Pierced copper and resin flower pendant

Attach a copper jump ring of any size and hang from your choice or chain or ribbon!
I am highly influenced by beautiful line work. For these designs, I gravitate to stylized wallpaper patterns. Other sources for pretty floral designs can be found on fabric scraps, in adult coloring books, in zentangles, or even from henna tattoos. The latter was my most recent inspiration. Filling in the pierced negative spaces with resin allows you to create a miniature stained glass pendant of your own!

  • 18 gauge sheet copper (
  • Jeweler’s resin of choice (any hobby or art supply store)
  • Jump ring
  • Necklace chain
  • Chalk pastels (any hobby or art supply store)
  • Graphite pencil
  • Ultra fine-point Sharpie marker
  • Stylized image of a flower
  • Tracing paper
  • Elmer’s glue stick
  • Silver quilter’s pencil or white colored pencil (any fabric, hobby or art supply store)
  • Wet/dry sandpaper
  • Frog Tape (hardware stores)
  • Toothpicks
  • Paper towels
  • Jeweler’s saw
  • Size 4/0 jeweler’s saw blades (
  • Spring-loaded center punch
  • Drill bit
  • Dremel or Flex Shaft
  • Needle files
  • Watercolor palette
  • X-Acto knife


Pierced Copper and Resin Flower Pendant Photo A
Photo A
1. Prepare the template: Use a pencil and tracing paper, trace your intended design. Less than 2” square is ideal. Or just free hand it! 

2. With an ultra fine point Sharpie, outline and fill in all areas that you intend to leave metal. All white areas will be negative spaces that you will later fill in with colored resin.
Pierced Copper and Resin Flower Pendant Photo B
Photo B
3. Use a silver quilter’s pencil or a white colored pencil to fine-tune your line work, or enlarge any funny looking negative spaces.

4. Sand down both sides of the sheet copper you intend to use. Make sure to use a circular motion and cover the entire surface area.
Pierced Copper and Resin Flower Pendant Photo C
5. Use an Elmer’s glue stick to cover the surface of the copper you just sanded. Press the tracing paper with your image on it to the copper and burnish with the cap of the glue stick. Apply more glue in missed areas. Tear off any tracing paper that is overlapping the edges of the metal.
Pierced Copper and Resin Flower Pendant Photo D
6. To prepare for piercing, trim away excess copper around the pattern using your jeweler’s saw and a 4//0 blade, leaving at least 1/8” all the way around. Make sure the entire piece is less than 3” square if using a standard-sized saw, so that you don’t encounter any troubles later on.
Pierced Copper and Resin Flower Pendant Photo E
7. Using a spring-loaded center punch (or hammer and nail), make an indentation in the widest part of each negative space.
Pierced Copper and Resin Flower Pendant Photo F
8. Drill a hole wide enough to accommodate your saw blade through each indentation, using your Dremel or Flex Shaft.
Pierced Copper and Resin Flower Pendant Photo G
9. To pierce (saw) the metal, disengage one end of your saw blade from the handle and put it through the innermost negative space hole.
Pierced Copper and Resin Flower Pendant Photo H
Reconnect your blade to your frame, and cut out the shape.
Pierced Copper and Resin Flower Pendant Photo I
10. Proceed to cut out all the shapes, working from the center to the edges to prevent any warping or bending of the copper.
Pierced Copper and Resin Flower Pendant Photo J
11. Once all the inside shapes are cut out, proceed to cut out the outside of the shape.

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