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Stamped, triple-layer pendant for Mother’s Day

Create a special personalized keepsake for Mom or Grandma using three pieces of metal and some easy stamping techniques


  • 3 metal circles: either cut your own, or purchase
    • 5/8” brass circle
    • 7/8” copper circle
    • 1” brass circle
  • small copper heart shape
  • cord or chain
  • brass jump ring
  • Krylon’s Crystal Clear or other spray acrylic coating (optional)


  • letter stamping set
  • hammer
  • bench block
  • sandbag or other cushioning surface (I use a folded kitchen towel)
  • tweezers
  • glue 
  • masking or painter’s tape
  • Sharpie marker - black, ultra fine point
  • Metal hole punch or drill
  • 0000 grade fine steel wool


Stamped triple layer pendant for Mothers Day Photo A
Photo a
Stamped triple layer pendant for Mothers Day Photo B
Photo b
Stamped triple layer pendant for Mothers Day Photo C
Photo c
Stamped triple layer pendant for Mothers Day Photo D
Photo d
Stamped triple layer pendant for Mothers Day Photo E
Photo e
Stamped triple layer pendant for Mothers Day Photo F
Photo f

1. Prepare your three circles. If you own a circle cutter, you can cut your own, and file the edges smooth. If you don’t own that tool, stamping blanks are available in many Etsy shops. I often use Annie Howes for my blanks and small shapes. Larger craft chains or local bead shops may also carry blanks. 

2. Draw a dot at the top of the smallest brass circle. Punch a hole using a metal punch, or you can also drill a hole if you don’t have that tool available. (PHOTO A) 

3. Glue the copper heart shape onto the small brass circle. You only need the tiniest dot of glue. It sets very quickly, so place it carefully with a tweezer. I prefer Super NEW GLUE from Eurotool, but other glues that adhere metal can be substituted.  (PHOTO B)

4. Position the small brass circle on top of the medium copper circle. Mark the hole with the Sharpie marker, and then punch the hole in the copper circle, so that the two holes will align.

5. Set up your bench block and tools. You always want your bench block to rest on something that will absorb the force from the hammer blow. If you stamp on a solid surface like a table or countertop, your hammer will bounce back and you risk getting blurry imprints. Some people use a small sandbag or similar under their bench block; I just use a folded kitchen towel. Pull out the letters that you’ll be using and have them at the ready. (PHOTO C) 

6. Working with your copper circle, stamp “MOM” along the lower rim. You may want to draw a line using a straight edge from the hole to the lower edge of the circle. Use a piece of tape to affix your circle to your bench block. This both holds the metal in place to prevent jiggling, and also gives you a nice straight edge. Be sure to hold your stamp straight up, and firmly. Strike a solid blow with the  hammer. If you feel like you “missed” and want to hit it again, just be sure that your stamp hasn’t moved from its original position.  (PHOTO D) 

Start with “O” and make sure that the “O” stamp is positioned on your center line, below the hole. Always work from the center out when stamping: stamp your right “M,” then move your hands to the left and stamp your left “M.”

7. After all of your text is stamped, darken the stamped letters by coloring in the recesses with a Sharpie. Then use your 0000 fine steel wool to clean off your center line, as well as any ink that gets on the surface of the metal.  (PHOTO E) 

8. Measure the placement of the hole in the largest circle by placing the copper circle on top. As in step 4, draw a dot with your Sharpie, then punch or drill your third hole. 

9. Clip all three circles together with the jump ring and slide the necklace on to a cord or chain. (PHOTO F) 

10. If you like, you can spray the circles with an acrylic coating like Krylon’s Crystal Clear to maintain the shine.

Stamped triple layer pendant for Mothers Day Figure 1
Figure 1
Once you know the basic technique, you can stamp any word or phrases that are meaningful to you! Here are a few suggestions for some alternate designs. (FIGURE 1). If you do try your own phrase, I recommend that you write it out on paper first, to determine the center of each line of text, and then align the text along a straight center line. Remember, always stamp from the center, out!  Be sure to check out my video of this project on Facet for a demonstration of the stamping technique.
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