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Nest egg ring

Keep your savings intact with this economical copper ring featuring a single Swarovski pearl


Ring, custom sized

  • copper wire
    • 2 ft. (61 cm) 18-gauge (1.0 mm), half round, dead soft
    • 1 yd. (91.4 cm) 20-gauge (0.8 mm), round, dead soft
  • 1 8 mm pearl (Swarovski, white)
  • chainnose pliers
  • roundnose pliers
  • flush cutters strong enough to cut 18-gauge (1.0 mm) wire
  • ring mandrel
  • rubber mallet
  • liver of sulfur (optional)
  • tumbler with steel shot and burnishing compound or dish soap (optional)


Nest egg ring Photo A
Step 1
Cut 1 yd. (91.4 cm) of 20-gauge wire, and center an 8 mm pearl on the wire. Make a 90-degree bend in the wire on each side of the pearl.
Nest egg ring Photo B
Step 2
Center the wire on a ring mandrel at one size larger than your desired ring size. Bring each end of the wire around the mandrel once to create three parallel wraps.
Nest egg ring Photo C
Step 3
With each wire, make a few wraps under the pearl to anchor it in place.
Nest egg ring Photo D
Step 4
Leaving the ring on the mandrel, hammer the ring shank with a rubber mallet to work-harden the wire.
Nest egg ring Photo E
Step 5
With each wire, make a loose wrap orbiting the pearl.
Nest egg ring Photo F
Step 5a
End with each wire on opposite sides of the pearl, aligned with the shank. Anchor each wire with a wrap around the shank.
Nest egg ring Photo G
Step 6
With each wire, weave in and out of the loose wraps made in the previous step.
Nest egg ring Photo H
Step 6a
Aim for a free-form look, and note that the wire will work-harden and kink, adding to the organic appearance. Using roundnose pliers, tuck the ends of the wire into the nest.
Nest egg ring Photo I
Step 7

Flush-cut a 2-ft. (61 cm) piece of 18-gauge half round wire. Starting under the nest at one end of the ring shank and leaving a short tail, make wraps around the ring shank.

Continue wrapping until you reach the other end of the ring shank (i). Trim and tuck the wire tails. If necessary, place the ring back on the ring mandrel to reshape.

Keep the wraps close together, and use chainnose pliers to compress each wrap as you go.
STEP 8:  If desired, patinate the ring with liver of sulfur, and then tumble-polish for shine.
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