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Morning dew floral necklace

Wire a delicate necklace with Lucite flowers, crystal briolettes, and pearls

Anxious for spring? Design your own flower bed by building different wire shapes into an interesting arrangement. Then grow your garden by planting layered beads onto the wire base. I love the three-dimensional quality of these flowers — just like a fresh country garden of mixed blooms.


Necklace 17 1⁄2 in. (44.5 cm) 

  • 10–15 10–25 mm Lucite flowers, assorted colors
  • 2 12 mm glass leaf beads
  • 3 11 mm crystal briolettes
  • 7 4 mm round pearls
  • 22 in. (56 cm) 20-gauge wire
  • 6 in. (15 cm) 22-gauge wire
  • 24 in. (51 cm) 24-gauge wire
  • 42 in. (1.1 m) 26-gauge wire
  • 12–16 in. (30–41 cm) chain 
  • 2 5 mm oval jump rings
  • toggle clasp
  • Thing-A-Ma-JIG Deluxe
  • chainnose and roundnose pliers
  • diagonal wire cutters
  • bench block and nylon or chasing hammer

Thing-A-Ma-Jig from Fire Mountain Gems and Beads, Check your local bead store for supplies. 


Morning dew floral necklace 1
Step 1
Cut three 4-in. (10 cm) pieces of 20-gauge wire. On one end of each wire, use roundnose pliers to make a small loop. On the other end, make a larger loop facing the opposite direction.
Morning dew floral necklace 2
Step 2
Grasping the small loop with chainnose pliers, use your fingers to create an open spiral. On the opposite end, use your fingers or roundnose pliers to shape a larger open spiral. Make three spiral units.
Morning dew floral necklace 3
Step 3
Set up a wire jig with one large peg, five medium pegs, and three small pegs as shown.
Morning dew floral necklace 4
Step 4
Cut a 10-in. (25 cm) piece of 20-gauge wire. Wrap one end counterclockwise around peg 1. Bring the wire around peg 2.
Morning dew floral necklace 5
Step 5
Wrap the wire counterclockwise around peg 3, then clockwise around peg 4.
Morning dew floral necklace 6
Step 6
Repeat the pattern from step 5 around the next two sets of pegs (5 and 6, then 7 and 8).
Morning dew floral necklace 7
Step 7
Wrap the wire clockwise around peg 9. Remove the wire base from the jig and adjust the loops if necessary. Trim the excess wire.
Morning dew floral necklace 8
Step 8
On a bench block, gently hammer the spiral units and the base (Work-harden your wire, below).

Work-harden your wire

When using wire in a structural way, it’s beneficial to work-harden it. Form the wire into the desired shape, then gently hammer it several times on a bench block or hard surface. If you also want to flatten the wire, use a chasing hammer or ball-peen hammer. If you don’t want it flattened, be sure to use a nylon, plastic, or rawhide hammer or mallet.

Tighten up!

Be sure to wrap the wire tightly when binding the spirals and center base units together so the piece is rigid enough to keep its shape. 

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