Magical Wire Owl Pendants

From Harry Potter’s Hedwig to Bubo from Clash of the Titans, the U.S. Forest Services’ Woodsy to Owl from Winnie-The-Pooh, a basic Google search for famous nocturnal fowl reveals all kinds of wisdom and whimsy. Even Mr. Oliver Owl of Tootsie Pop fame pairs fun with fact when he answers the classic question, “How many licks does it take to get to the center?” 

And since there are so many wonderful “Who’s Who’s” to chose from in owl idolatry, Wende and I chose to create three different interchangeable heads and bodies that can be wrangled for a total of nine potential hooty variations. Our 9PotentialOwlets template, available in my Etsy store, features all nine designs. This particular mix pairs our GreatHornedOwlet head and our UnfurledOwlet body for the cutest little kinetic Baby Barred you’ve ever laid binoculars on!


  • 18” length necklace
  • 35 in. 16-gauge craft wire, vintage bronze color ( or 18-gauge dark annealed steel wire (
  • 10 in. 20-gauge copper wire or 18-gauge dark annealed steel wire ( 
  • Deerskin Lace leather strand, 6mm, medium brown or black (


  • NTaJ! 9PotentialOwlets: 1 vellum pattern template (download from
  • Now That’s a Jig! StartrKit (JigBed, Bracket, StartrPegs, ScrewDrivr)
  • NTaJ! PatternPunchr & CornerTaks
  • NTaJ! SwiveLok
  • NTaJ! WireLiftr (optional)
  • Ruler
  • Semi-flush cutters
  • Round nose pliers
  • Chain nose (or similar nosed) pliers (2 pair)
  • Needle file
  • Chasing hammer with bench block


Set the Now That’s A Jig!

1. Download the NTaJ! 9PotentialOwlets pattern template set. Print onto printable vellum paper at 100%.

Magical Wire Owl Pendants A
Photo A
2. Align the template on top of the JigBed. Punch the holes for the CornerTaks with the PatternPunchr and screw them in. (PHOTO A)
Magical Wire Owl Pendants B
Photo B
3. Punch holes for the GreatHorned- Owlet Head Setup—including the SwiveLok—and screw them in. (PHOTO B)

Create the GreatHornedOwlet Head

Magical Wire Owl Pendants C
Photo C
1. Cut a 15-inch length of 16-gauge wire and trap its center-point between the SwiveLok and the bottommost 1/8” round peg. (PHOTO C) 
Magical Wire Owl Pendants D
Photo D
2. Wrap the left length of wire following the WirePath. and ending 2 1/2 times counter-clockwise around the left 1/2” round peg. (PHOTO D) Repeat to the right half with the remaining wire.


Magical Wire Owl Pendants E
Photo E
3. Cut the wire at the cut-mark and, lifting only the top ring of the wire above the 1/2” round peg, bend the wire end inward with a chain nose pliers to make a tighter spiral for the eye.   (PHOTO E) Repeat to the remaining eye. 
Magical Wire Owl Pendants F
Photo F
4. Lift the pendant off the pegs with the WireLiftr (PHOTO F), trim any marred ends and remove any burr ends with a needle file.


Magical Wire Owl Pendants G
Photo G
5. Harden and texture the pendant with a hammer and bench block.  (PHOTO G)
Magical Wire Owl Pendants H
Photo H
Create the UnfurledOwlet Body

Set the JigBed for the UnfurledOwlet Body Setup. Cut a 10-inch length of 16-gauge wire and trap its center-point between the SwiveLok and the 3/4” oval peg. (PHOTO H) 


Magical Wire Owl Pendants I
Photo I
2. Wrap the left length of wire, following the WirePath and ending near the body, at the last 1/8” round peg. (PHOTO I) Repeat with the right half of the wire. (Note: Since this setup is symmetrical and requires more than the included StartrPegs, it can be accomplished with the MirrorImage Technique of making one side first, then flipping the piece and creating the remaining side with the same setup side.)
Magical Wire Owl Pendants J
Photo J
3. Cut the wire at the cut-marks (PHOTO J), and finish as per Steps 4-5 above.

Create & Attach the RuffCoil

Magical Wire Owl Pendants K
Photo K
1. Set the JigBed for the RuffCoil Setup. Cut a 10-inch length of 20-gauge wire and coil it closely around the 1/4” round peg for a grand total of eight coils, leaving a 1/2” tail at both ends. (PHOTO K)
Magical Wire Owl Pendants L
Photo L
2. Spread the coils as you would a deck of cards, curve the decked shape a bit, and tighten the last ring of the coil with a round nose pliers to make smaller circles at each end. (PHOTO L)
Magical Wire Owl Pendants M
Photo M
3. Attach/bind the tail at one side of the RuffCoil to the UnfurledOwlet Body with a chainnose pliers. (PHOTO M) Repeat to the remaining side.
Magical Wire Owl Pendants N
Photo N
Create the Jump Rings

Set the JigBed for the 1/4” JumpRing Setup. Cut a 5-inch length of 16-gauge wire and coil it closely around the 1/4” round peg four times. (PHOTO N) Repeat with the 1/8” JumpRing Setup.
Magical Wire Owl Pendants O
Photo O
2. Cut two JumpRings from each coil and file the ends, if necessary. (PHOTO O)
Magical Wire Owl Pendants P
Photo P
Assemble the Pendant and Necklace

Open and close the two 1/8” jump rings around the bottom of each eye and the top of each wing with two chain nose pliers. (Note: You may have to pry the eye spiral apart a little bit to access the bottom-most single wire to fit the JumpRing.) (PHOTO P)
Magical Wire Owl Pendants Q
Photo Q
2. Open and close the two 1/4” jump rings around the tips of the ears and the suede lacing. (PHOTO Q)  Tie a simple (or adjustable) knot to the ends of the lacing to form a necklace.
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