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Mother's Day charm bracelet

Make a charming memento with metal silhouettes

Remember the cut-out profiles that were once popular? Silhouettes made from black paper were a quick way to create a lasting image of a loved one, and they were less expensive than portraits. I love that they’re making a comeback. These metal silhouettes come in a variety of finishes, ready for stamping or engraving.

Include a few of these nostalgic charms and shapely beads for an old-school charm bracelet.

View the gallery below for instructions on making the components, followed below by instructions for creating the bracelet. To download the free project PDF, which includes directions for earrings, click here. 



  • 4–8 12–24 mm stamping blanks, in two finishes
  • 2–4 6–22 mm charms
  • 12–16 6 mm square beads
  • 12–16 3 mm flat spacers
  • 12–16 3 mm faceted spacers
  • 10–14 in. (25–36 cm) copper chain, 4 mm links
  • 5–7 in. (13–18 cm) brass chain, 6 mm links
  • 2 20 mm connectors with three holes
  • 12–16 1 1⁄2-in. (3.8 cm) head pins
  • 8–10 6 mm oval jump rings or chain links
  • 14–18 4 mm oval jump rings or chain links
  • toggle clasp
  • number and letter stamp set
  • chainnose and roundnose pliers
  • diagonal wire cutters
  • hammer and bench block
  • micro engraver
  • sticky notes

Supplies from Rings & Things, 800.366.2156,

Mothers Day charm bracelet 1 5

1. Make the components (see gallery above).

2. Cut three 5 1⁄2–7-in. (14–18 cm) pieces of chain. Open a 6 mm jump ring or chain link and attach an end link and the center hole of a connector. Close the jump ring or link. Use jump rings or links to attach the other end and a connector. Use 4 mm jump rings or links to attach the outer chains.

3. On each end, use two to six 5 mm jump rings to attach half of a toggle clasp and the center hole of the connector.

4. Attach a bead unit to each link of the center chain, completing the wraps as you go.

5. Attach two to four stamped tags, two to four engraved tags, and one or two charms to each of the outer chains.

For instructions on making earrings to accompany the bracelet, download the free project PDF here.

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