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Coiled pearl cuff bracelet

Wrap wire for a spectacular spiral bracelet

Make a spectacular spiral bracelet using just a few materials. The key piece of equipment is an ingenious rod-and-crank contraption that makes it easy to quickly coil wire. I used a Coiling Gizmo with a 3 mm-diameter rod for the gold bracelet and a Twist ‘n’ Curl with a 2 mm rod for the pink bracelet. The basic model of either product retails for about $20, but you can also substitute a knitting needle if you prefer a cheaper option.


  • 2 10 mm round pearls
  • 2–3 16-in. (41 cm) strands 4 mm round Swarovski pearls
  • 2 g 11/0 or 13/0 seed beads, in a color to match the pearls (optional)
  • 22-gauge Artistic Wire (630.530.7567,
  • flexible beading wire, .014 or.015
  • 2 crimp beads
  • magnetic clasp
  • chainnose or crimping pliers
  • diagonal wire cutters
  • Coiling Gizmo with 3 mm-diameter rod (503.775.5242,, Twist ‘n’ Curl with 2 mm-diameter rod (505.920.0155,, or knitting needle


Coiled pearl cuff bracelet 1
Step 1

1. Unwind Artistic Wire from a spool, but do not cut it. String 180 to 220 4 mm pearls.

Coiled pearl cuff bracelet 2
Step 2
Coiled pearl cuff bracelet 3
Step 3

2. String the unbeaded wire through the handle of a rod and bend it to anchor it. Holding the strand firmly, turn the handle to wrap the wire three or four times.

3. Continue turning the handle, wrapping the beaded strand around the rod, until the coiled strand is within 2 in. (5 cm) of the finished length. Make sure there are no gaps in the wire.

Coiled pearl cuff bracelet 4
Step 4
Coiled pearl cuff bracelet 5
Step 5

4. Add or remove pearls, if necessary. (If you need to cut wire from the spool, leave a 4-in./10 cm tail, to make wrapping easier.) Make three or four plain wire wraps. Remove the coiled strand, and trim the excess wire.

5. Cut a piece of beading wire and tape one end. String the wire through the coiled strand. If you used a 2 mm-diameter rod, go to step 6. If desired, string seed beads to fill the length of the pearl section.

Coiled pearl cuff bracelet 6
Step 6
6. On each end, string a 10 mm pearl, a crimp bead, a 4 mm pearl, and half of a clasp. Check the fit, and add or remove beads if necessary. Go back through the beads just strung and tighten the wire. Crimp the crimp bead and trim the excess wire.
  • Try Artistic Wire in a shade to match the pearls.
  • Each 16-in. (41 cm) strand of 4 mm round Swarovski pearls has 100 pearls. I needed only two strands for the pink bracelet. I used three strands for the gold bracelet, which is slightly longer and has a wider diameter. To estimate how many you’ll need, figure about 37 pearls per inch for a wider bracelet.
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