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How to make Byzantine chain

Byzantine chain is composed of bi-directional segments linked by pairs of rings. If you’ve gotten the hang of “Boxchain: Method 2,” Byzantine will be easy to learn because it works up very similarly. 


Bracelet-length chain

  • 18-gauge (1.0 mm) 4 mm inside-diameter (ID) jump rings in 2 colors
    • 48 color A
    • 92 color B
  • paper clip or scrap wire


1. Close two color A rings and two color B rings. Open all the remaining rings. 

2. Slide an open B through two closed As and two closed Bs, and close the B. Slide another open B through the same four rings. This is called doubling. Slide a paper clip or piece of scrap wire through the end pair of As, and spread out the rings to create a 2+2+2 chain.
Byzantine 1
3. Flip back the end pair of Bs to expose the middle pair of Bs. Spread the middle pair of Bs to expose the flipped pair of Bs, guide an open A between the middle pair, and slide it through the flipped pair. Close the A. Double the A.
Byzantine 2
4. Slide an open B through the pair of As just added, and close the B. Double the B.
Byzantine 3
5. Slide a B through the pair of Bs just added, and close the B. Double the B.
Byzantine 4
6. Attach a pair of As as in step 3. This completes a Byzantine unit.
Byzantine 5

7. Repeat steps 4–6 to the desired length.

Once you understand how the weave goes together, you can hasten your assembly time: Pre-close some of the Bs. In step 4, slide two closed Bs onto the open B, and close the open B. Double the B. By doing this, you have condensed steps 4 and 5 into one step, and you can begin at step 3 again.

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