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Staples are a simple way to create secure cold-connected joins; they function just like a common staple used with paper, but generally use a larger gauge of metal for added strength.
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Holes for a staple shouldn’t be as tight as for rivets; there needs to be a little wiggle room to accommodate the bend in the wire. Choose a drill bit at least two sizes larger than the size of the wire you want to use for your staple. Drill two pilot holes in the top layer of the materials you want to connect. Use a scribe to mark through one hole to the bottom layer, and drill a hole at the mark. Insert a wire into the hole to hold the two layers together. Mark and drill a second hole through the second layer.

Measure the space between the two holes, and use chainnose or flatnose pliers to bend the staple wire to form the crown (Figure 1). Leave one leg longer than the other: It’s easier to insert the long end into the hole first than it is to try and insert two legs at the same time. Insert the staple into the holes (Figure 2), and pull down on the staple’s legs until the crown is flush against the top layer. Use pliers to adjust the length of the crown as necessary.

Use flush cutters to trim the ends of the legs to the same length. There’s no set length that will work for all staples, due to variations in gauge and design, but make sure to leave enough extending to be able to fold them over against the back of the piece.

Use a cup bur in a flex shaft or sandpaper to smooth and round the ends of the staple. Use nylon-jaw pliers to pull up on one leg and begin to fold it over the back of the piece. Repeat to start a bend in the second leg.

You can either push the legs in toward each other (Figure 3), or press them away from each other (Figure 4).

Use pliers, a bezel pusher, or a wood or plastic stick to bend the legs of the staple tightly against the back of the piece.
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