Facet Submission Information

Facet is a 24/7 resource for jewelry-making projects, how-to instruction, and inspiration. New projects are added every week, and we offer a wide range of jewelry-making techniques and materials. Together with our sister publication, Bead&Button magazine, we offer the very best in jewelry making for everyone, from beginners seeking the very basics to experienced jewelry makers who love finding a new source of inspiration.

We invite all jewelry designers to submit projects for online publication on Facet. These projects will be designed as a printable PDF also, and designers may be required to provide their own photographs of the step-by-step process. Before deciding to submit your work to Facet, please review our site thoroughly and consider how your project will complement our existing content.

We are looking for projects that can be accomplished by jewelry makers of different degrees of training or skill: beginner, intermediate, and advanced-level projects will all be considered. What they must have in common is a promise for a high degree of success for the at-home jewelry maker. Submitted designs and instructions should describe how to make jewelry using specific techniques and step-by-step instructions.


We will accept a broad range of original designs in the categories of STITCHING, STRINGING, METAL, WIRE, CLAYS, RESIN, FIBER & CORD, and OTHER. Please download the PDF below for more specific information about what we are looking for within each of these categories, and for more information about compensation.


If you have made something beautiful that you would like us to consider for publication, please read these guidelines carefully. Proposals must be for original work. We are happy to consider publishing jewelry projects that have been taught in classes or workshops, as long as the photos and instructions for that project have not appeared in a professional publication.

Using the link below, designers should submit no more than three photos of a piece, and a brief description of the jewelry piece and the process used to make it, including skill level, required tools, safety equipment, materials used, and sources or suppliers (or an indication of ease of acquiring similar supplies). We prefer a Word document (NOT a pdf) and we must have the photos submitted separately.

We will usually ask that you send us your actual jewelry piece so that we may photograph it, but please do not send unless/until we request it.

Please do supply a quick bio/credentials when submitting queries, but know that we are happy to work with first-timers. Be sure to let us know about your social media presence, success with your own websites and marketing efforts, or any other relevant information about how we can partner to promote your work online.


Remember to send three things: PHOTOS (not more than 3), a DESCRIPTION OF THE PROJECT (in a Word document) and a BIO of yourself (brief is fine, just the basics). We will respond to you via email within two-three weeks. We can’t wait to hear from you!

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