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Embellished bangle

Charms, chain, and linen cord dress up a simple bracelet.

I was inspired by the popular designs that incorporate the technique of wrapping waxed linen cord around ball chain in a long wrap-style bracelet. I thought the technique would look equally cool on a bangle, adding a bit of extra texture. With a couple of hole punches and some wire, I attached a metal embellishment as a focal point; charms dangling from jump rings add to the eclectic effect.



  • 27 mm metal embellishment
  • 16–22 mm charm or metal embellishment
  • 17–20 mm flower bead, center drilled
  • 12 mm flower bead, center drilled
  • 3 mm round spacer
  • 12 mm bead cap
  • 6 in. (15 cm) 22-gauge wire
  • 42 in. (1.2 m) waxed linen cord, 4 ply
  • 10 in. (25 cm) ball chain, 2.4 mm
  • flat bangle
  • 2-in. (5 cm) head pin
  • 2 10 mm jump rings
  • chainnose and roundnose pliers
  • hole-punch pliers
  • diagonal wire cutters
  • two-hole punch (optional)
  • glue such as Super New Glue (optional)

Check your local bead store for supplies. 


1. In the center of a metal embellishment, make two marks about 1⁄4 in. (6 mm) apart.
2. Use hole-punch pliers to punch a hole at each mark.
3. Cut a 6-in. (15 cm) piece of wire. String the embellishment on the wire and center it on a bangle. Wrap the wire around the bangle to secure the embellishment. Trim the excess wire and use chainnose pliers to tuck the ends.
4. Cut a 42-in. (1.2 m) piece of waxed linen cord. Leaving a 1⁄2-in. (1.3 cm) tail, tie an overhand knot around the bangle next to the embellishment.
5. Cut a piece of ball chain long enough to cover the rest of the bangle. Set the end of the ball chain over the knotted cord, and wrap the working end of the cord around the bangle and in the space between the first and second balls. Continue wrapping between each ball, covering the tail as you go. Pull the cord tight as you complete each wrap to ensure even tension.
6. In the last space in the ball chain, wrap the cord and tie an overhand knot. Wrap and tie additional knots to secure the cord. Trim the excess cord close to the knots. If desired, apply glue to the knots.
7. On a head pin, string a spacer, two flower beads, and a bead cap. Make a wrapped loop.
8. Open a jump ring. Attach the bead unit and the bangle and close the jump ring. Use jump rings to attach charms or embellishments as desired.


Be charmed

Use a two-hole punch to turn a smaller metal embellishment into a charm.

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