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Featherweight mesh choker

String a featherweight choker with colorful mesh ribbon

Isn’t it time to lighten up? The mesh in this choker looks and feels as light and airy as ribbon. You’ll enjoy stretching, twisting, and knotting it into intriguing shapes. Aside from its undulating lines and flourish of colors, this choker’s finest feature is that it can be strung in a matter of minutes. 


  • 12 6/0 seed beads
  • 6 4-ft. (1.2m) pieces WireLace ribbon in four colors (Mimi’s Gems,
  • three-strand clasp


Featherweight mesh choker 1
Step 1
String two 4-ft. (1.2m) pieces of mesh ribbon through each loop of one half of the clasp, centering the clasp on the ribbons.
Featherweight mesh choker2
Step 2
String one end of each pair of ribbons through the respective loop of the other half of the clasp. Adjust one ribbon from each pair so the dangling ribbons are of unequal lengths. Check the fit, and tie a surgeon’s knot in each pair approximately 1⁄4 in. (6mm) from the clasp.
Featherweight mesh choker 3
Step 3
String a 6/0 seed bead on one end. Tie an overhand knot below the seed bead at the end of the ribbon. Trim the excess ribbon. Repeat with the remaining ends.
Featherweight mesh choker 4
Step 4
To get a rippled effect: Gently pull apart the sides of one ribbon at the desired intervals, leaving the upper third of the ribbon intact. Repeat with each remaining ribbon.
If it is difficult to pass the mesh ribbon through the clasp’s loop, make a loop with a piece of flexible beading wire and string the ribbon through the loop. String both ends of the beading wire through the clasp’s loop, and the mesh ribbon will follow.
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