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Cosmic rings bracelet

Use uncommon crystals in a distinctive bracelet-and-earrings set

Two crystal cosmic rings stacked together make a prominent focal piece for an easy bracelet. The faceted rings create a fancy contrast to casual leather cord. Add a quick pair of earrings for a just-right balance of edgy and elegant.



  • 30mm crystal cosmic ring
  • 20mm crystal cosmic ring
  • 6mm crystal
  • 16–20 in. (41–51cm) round leather cord, 2 mm diameter
  • 1 1⁄2-in. (3.8cm) head pin
  • 2 5mm jump rings
  • 5–7 7mm soldered jump rings or decorative rings
  • 2 crimp ends, 3mm opening
  • lobster claw clasp
  • chainnose and roundnose pliers
  • diagonal wire cutters
  • G-S Hypo Cement


  • 2 20mm crystal column pendant
  • 4 7mm jump rings
  • 2 7mm soldered jump rings or decorative rings
  • pair of earring wires
  • chainnose and roundnose pliers, or 2 pairs of chainnose pliers
  • diagonal wire cutters

Supplies from Auntie’s Beads,


Cosmic rings bracelet 1
Step 1
Cut a 10-in. (25cm) piece of leather cord. Center two cosmic rings. Over both ends, string two or three soldered jump rings or decorative rings.
Cosmic rings bracelet 2
Step 2
With both ends, tie an overhand knot next to the rings. Repeat steps 1 and 2.
Cosmic rings bracelet 3
Step 3
On each side, trim the ends to within 1 in. (2.5cm) of the finished length and apply glue. Place the ends in a crimp end and use chainnose pliers to gently squeeze the crimp end.
Cosmic rings bracelet 4
Step 4
Open a jump ring and attach a loop of a crimp end and a lobster claw clasp. Close the jump ring. Repeat on the other end, substituting a soldered jump ring or decorative ring for the clasp.
Cosmic rings bracelet 5
Step 5
On a head pin, string a crystal. Make the first half of a wrapped loop. Attach the soldered jump ring or decorative ring and complete the wraps.
Cosmic rings bracelet 8
Design alternative
Feeling square? In this version, I used square cosmic rings, square decorative rings, and a square crystal for the dangle. I substituted four 1mm pieces of leather cord for the two 2mm pieces.
  • Select the 30mm crystal cosmic rings first, since there are fewer colors available in this size than in smaller sizes.
  • Before placing the leather ends in a crimp end, make sure to trim both ends evenly.
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