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Cozy knitted cuff

Knit a wrap bracelet to warm up your style

Fall into a new cold weather craft — it’s easy! Just snuggle up with a ball of yarn and a knitting spool to make a delightfully satisfying sweater-style cord. Finish with a loop, knots, and a button, and you’ve got a cute bracelet to help you brave the brisk weather.

Spool knitting is easy to learn and comforting in its repetitiveness — it’s the perfect place to start for a knitting newbie.


  • Wrap bracelet 20 in. (51 cm)
  • 1–1 1⁄2–in. (2.5–3.8 cm) button with shank
  • yarn
  • knitting spool with four pegs and stylus
  • glue such as G-S Hypo Cement

Knitting spool from Beadecked and Beaddicted, 


Knitted cord

Cozy knitted cuff 1
Step 1
Leaving the yarn on the skein, pass the end down through the hole of a knitting spool. Leave a 12-in. (30 cm) tail, and hold the tail and spool in your non-dominant hand.
Cozy knitted cuff 2
Step 2
Wrap the yarn clockwise completely around a peg. Turn the spool clockwise and wrap the yarn around the next peg. Repeat to wrap the yarn around each remaining peg.
Cozy knitted cuff 3
Step 3
Bring the yarn around the outside of the first wrapped peg.
Cozy knitted cuff 4
Step 4
Use the stylus to bring the wrapped yarn up and over the working yarn and the peg. After completing the knitted stitch, gently pull the tail and working yarn to ensure even tension.
Cozy knitted cuff 5
Step 5
Repeat steps 3 and 4 around each peg until the knit section is about 3 in. (7.6 cm) longer than the desired length, checking the length as you go.
Cozy knitted cuff 6
Step 6
Trim the working yarn, leaving a 12–in. (30 cm) tail. Complete a knitted stitch on the next peg. Use the stylus to carefully remove the yarn from the peg by pulling the tail out, through the completed stitch. Repeat with each remaining peg, gently pulling the tail after each removal.
Loop end
Cozy knitted cuff loop end 1
Step 1
On one end of the knitted cord, form a loop, using your index finger as a guide.
Cozy knitted cuff loop end 2
Step 2
Wrap the tail around the cord two or three times and tie a knot. Wrap the tail around and through the loop, tying additional knots until the loop is secured. Trim the excess yarn. Apply glue to the knots and allow to dry.
Cozy knitted cuff loop end 3
Step 3
Cut an 18-in. (46 cm) piece of yarn. Fold the yarn so one end is 6 in. (15 cm). Place the fold at the loop’s midpoint. 
Cozy knitted cuff loop end 4
Step 4
Pinch the fold while tightly wrapping the long end around the short end and the knitted cord. Wrap the long end about 12 times, overlapping the wraps and knots from step 2.
Cozy knitted cuff loop end 5
Step 5
Pass the long end through the fold. Pull the short end until the fold is hidden under the wraps. Do not pull the fold all the way through.
Cozy knitted cuff loop end 6
Step 6
Trim the excess yarn near the top and bottom of the wraps.
The size of the loop endwill depend on the size of the button you use. The yarn will stretch, so the loop can be a bit smaller than your chosen button.
Cozy knitted cuff button end
Button End
On the other end, string the tail through a button. Slide the button next to the knitted cord. Repeat steps 3 through 5 of the loop end instructions to secure the button.
Cozy knitted cuff spool time
Spool Time
The French Knitter by Clover ( works just like a wooden spool knitter. It comes with a crochet hook and interchangeable four-, five-, and six-peg “heads.”

Yarn unraveled

I’m no yarn pro, so I learned my lessons by trial and error. Error one: fuzziness. The more I handled the yarn, the more it frayed. Error two: flimsiness. When I pulled the yarn to maintain tension, it pulled apart like cotton candy. Instead, opt for smooth yarn with a tight weave — and embrace the “oops” moments!

Your choice of yarn will vary the look; try thick, thin, and ombré, just to name a few!

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