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Beaded leather cuff

This simple project is an inexpensive way to try your hand at embellishing leather jewelry. Use a graph-paper template to set up your design and help you punch the holes evenly. You’ll like details like brightly colored beads, faceted spacers, and waxed linen cord.  


  • leather cuff bracelet, 11⁄2 in. (3.8 cm) wide
  • 6 mm rondelle
  • 8 6/0 seed beads
  • 30–40 8/0 seed beads
  • 16–24 2–3 mm spacers
  • waxed linen cord
  • graph paper
  • marker
  • rotary punch or steel punch and mallet
  • scissors

Cuff from Rings & Things, 800.366.2156, Check your local bead store for supplies. 


Beaded leather cuff 1
Step 1
Beaded leather cuff 2
Step 2

1. On a piece of graph paper, draw and cut out a 1 1⁄2 x 6 1⁄4-in. (3.8 x 15.9 cm) rectangle. Mark and punch out holes as shown.

2. Place the rectangle on the back of a leather cuff. Mark the position of the holes on the cuff. Remove the paper and punch the holes.

Beaded leather cuff 3
Step 3
Beaded leather cuff 4
Step 4

3. a. Cut a 36-in. (.9 m) piece of waxed linen cord. String 3 1⁄4 in. (8.3 cm) of beads and spacers. Center the beads on the cord.
b. String one end down through hole A, and up through hole 1 on the left. String the other end down through hole B and up through hole 1 on the right.

4. String the A end down through hole 3 and up through hole 2 as shown. String beads and spacers. Go down hole 3, and up hole 4. String beads and spacers. Go down hole 5, up hole 4, and down hole 1 on the right.

Beaded leather cuff 5
Step 5
Beaded leather cuff 6
Step 6

5. Turn the cuff so hole B is on the right and the unstrung holes are at the top. Repeat steps 3b and 4.

6. Turn the cuff over and tie an overhand knot. Tie another overhand knot. Wrap the cord’s tail around the adjacent cord that’s strung between holes 1 and A. Tie two overhand knots. Tuck the end and trim the excess. Repeat on the other end.

  • You will not be able to punch holes down the center of your cuff with a hand-held hole punch. If you do not have a steel punch, try using a T-pin to make the initial holes, then enlarge them with a knitting needle.
  • Tie the knots when the cuff is flat, but allow for some slack. The cord will tighten when you wear the bracelet.
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