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Asian macramé tassel embellishment

Embellish a jade medallion with delicate knots

If you’re looking for an unusual tassel, consider adding macramé embellishment to a stone medallion. The project calls for three knots, but the leaf-shaped central design is worked solely in clove hitch, making this a perfect piece for beginners. Attach your finished tassel to a purse or display it on a lampshade or drapery tieback. 


  • macramé tassel
  • Chinese jade medallion (Macramé Boutique, 415-449-3508,
  • 40–80 ft. (12.2–24.4m) 1.2mm knotting cord 
  • 12 in. (30cm) knotting cord, contrasting color
  • quilter’s pins
  • macramé board, self-healing polyfoam 
  • glue
Asian macrame tassel embellishment photo a
Photo a
Asian macrame tassel embellishment fig 1
Figure 1: Lark's head knot

1. Pin your medallion to the macramé board. Cut eight 5-ft. (1.5m) pieces of knotting cord. 

2. Attach one piece of cord to the medallion with a lark’s head knot (figure 1, and photo a). Attach a second cord to a second hole in the same manner. Fold a third cord in half and pin it to the board between the first two cords.

Asian macrame tassel embellishment b
Photo b

3. Fold the fourth cord in half and pin it to the left of the first cord. Bring the right half of the cord over the other cords (photo b). This is the anchor cord.

Asian macrame tassel embellishment 2a
Figure 2a: Clove-hitch knot
Asian macrame tassel embellishment 2b
Figure 2b: Clove-hitch knot

4. Working from left to right, tie each vertical cord around the anchor cord with a clove-hitch knot (figure 2). Remove the pin holding the anchor cord (photo c).

Asian macrame tassel embellishment c
Photo c

5. Fold the fifth cord in half, pin it to the left of the first cord, and bring the right half of the cord over the other cords. Repeat step 4, using the new cord as the anchor.

For complete project instructions, click here to download & print this PDF


Asian macrame tassel embellishment purse
This graceful tassel can adorn a purse, lampshade, or drapery tieback.
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