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Sunshine lotus earrings

Celebrate negative space and texture with WoolyWire and lampworked beads


Earrings 2 3⁄4 in. (70 mm)

Read the complete step-by-step instructions below, or click here for the free project PDF.

Sunshine lotus earrings a
Step a
Sunshine lotus earrings b
Step b

1. Cut an 18-in. (45.7 cm) piece of WoolyWire, and felt the ends. Leaving a 1-in. (25.5 mm) tail, wrap the WoolyWire twice around a 28–30 mm copper hoop (a).

2. Place the 1⁄2-in. (13 mm) round mandrel against the hoop, and bend the WoolyWire around the mandrel to form a petal (b).

Stabilize the ends of your WoolyWire to prevent them from fraying: Apply a dab of Fray Check at one of the wire, and use your thumb and index finger to twist the fibers in the direction of the existing twist until a point forms.
Sunshine lotus earrings c
Step c
3. Remove the mandrel. Using roundnose pliers, grasp the petal just to the left of center, and bend the WoolyWire at a 90-degree angle (c).
Sunshine lotus earrings d
Step d
Sunshine lotus earrings e
Step e
Bend the WoolyWire down around the jaw of the pliers (d), and then form another 90-degree angle (e).
Sunshine lotus earrings f
Step f
Sunshine lotus earrings g
Step g

4. Replace the mandrel against the hoop, and once again form the petal around the mandrel (f). Make two wraps around the hoop (g).

5. Repeat steps 2–4 for a total of six petals.

Sunshine lotus earrings h
Step h
Sunshine lotus earrings i
Step i

6. To make room for one more petal, gently slide the wraps along the hoop, keeping the petals evenly sized and shaped. Complete the seventh petal, but make the final wraps inside this petal (h).

7. Using roundnose pliers, make a small arc of WoolyWire above the hoop and inside the adjacent petal (i), and wrap twice around the hoop.

Sunshine lotus earrings j
Step j
Sunshine lotus earrings k
Step k

8. Trim the WoolyWire to 1⁄4 in. (6.5 mm), and felt the end. Using roundnose pliers, form a small loop at the end of the WoolyWire (j), and pinch the loop closed with chainnose pliers. Tuck this end against the previous wraps.

9. Repeat step 8 with the 1-in. (25.5 mm) tail of WoolyWire from step 1.

10. On a head pin, string an 18 mm coin bead, and make a wrapped loop. Open a 6–7 mm oval jump ring or chain link, and attach the dangle to the hoop below the arc of WoolyWire. Close the jump ring or chain link (k).

11. Use two more oval jump rings or chain links to attach the corresponding petal to an ear wire.

12. Repeat steps 1–11 to make a matching earring.

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