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Simple, summery bracelets

Gemstone chain, bezeled pendants are easy to work with
Simple summery bracelets

For these low-maintenance projects, start with large-link chain. It’s perfect for weaving premade rondelle chain into a flat — not bulky — bracelet. The large links also provide a sturdy, stylish base that can accommodate a handful of bezeled pendants. No matter which option you choose, you’ll find it super-easy to work with these ready-made findings.

See instructions for the woven bracelet below. Download the full project PDF, with additional instructions for a charm bracelet, above.

What you’ll need

  • 20–27 mm bezeled round or teardrop pendant
  • 7–9 in. (18–23 cm) chain, 22–25 mm links
  • 50–62 in. (1.3–1.6 m) gemstone chain, 4 mm rondelles, in three styles
  • 8–10 in. (20–25 cm) cup chain, 2–3 mm crystals
  • 10 mm chain link or jump ring
  • 8–10 in. (20–25 cm) silk ribbon
  • 2 cup connectors
  • 2 7–8 mm jump rings
  • 2 6 mm jump rings
  • lobster claw clasp
  • 2 pairs of pliers
  • diagonal wire cutters
  • scissors
  • E6000 adhesive
  • foam board and T-pin

Gemstone chain and bezeled pendants from Shivam Imports, 212.997.7512, Supplies also available from Etsy, (search “gemstone chain” and “bezel chalcedony pendant” in Craft Supplies).

Simple summery bracelets 1


1. Open a link of a 22–25 mm chain as you would a jump ring to make a 7–9 in. (8–23 cm) chain segment. Cut an 8–10-in. (20–25 cm) piece of cup chain. Attach a cup connector on one end, folding down the prongs with chainnose pliers.

Simple summery bracelets 2
Simple summery bracelets 3

2. Cut six 8–10-in. (20–25 cm) pieces of gemstone chain. Use a 7–8 mm jump ring to attach an end link of each gemstone chain, the large chain, and the cup connector. Close the jump ring and use a T-pin to secure it on a foam board. Weave the cup chain and gemstone chains through every other large link.

*TIP: Use 7–8 mm jump rings that aren’t too thick (20-gauge jump rings work well); the loops of the gemstone chain are small and delicate.

3. Once you reach the end link of large chain, trim the excess weaving chain. Attach a cup connector to the end link of cup chain. Use a 7–8 mm jump ring to attach each end link.

Simple summery bracelets 4
Simple summery bracelets 5

4. Cut an 8–10-in. (20–25 cm) piece of ribbon. Apply glue to an end link of large chain and attach the ribbon. Allow to dry.

5. Weave the ribbon through every other open large link. Wrap and glue the ribbon to the end link of large chain. Trim the excess ribbon.

Simple summery bracelets 6
Simple summery bracelets 7

6. On one end, use a 6 mm jump ring to attach the 7–8 mm jump ring and a lobster claw clasp.

7. On the other end, attach the 7–8 mm jump ring and a 10 mm link or jump ring. Use a 6 mm jump ring to attach the 10 mm link and a pendant.

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