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Embroidered peyote choker

Embellish a flat peyote necklace with ribbon for a feminine design
Embroidered peyote choker

Ribbon embroidery on flat peyote might seem like an unlikely pairing, but the trim helps create a delicate peyote choker with a feminine design. Use a threaded beading needle to anchor the ribbon to the piece and embellish with beads, pearls and crystals.

Below, you’ll find instructions on how to create the peyote strip for this choker. To download full instructions that include directions to make the drapes and dangles and add the embroidery, click here.

    •    5g Japanese cylinder beads in each color: lined pale yellow AB (#53), opaque rich cream AB (#157), and pale pink pearl (#234)
    •    1 10mm Flower-shaped button
    •    12-14 3 or 4mm Swarovski bicone crystals clear
    •    4-6 4mm Swarovski bicone crystals in each color: clear crystal, jonquil, and Rosaline
    •    1 8mm Pearl or bead for closure
    •    7-10 3mm Pearls
    •    5-7 4mm Pearls
    •    1 5mm Pearl
    •    10 in. (25cm) 3mm Silk ribbon, pale peach
    •    1 yd. (.9m) 3mm Silk ribbon, cream
    •    Nymo B and O
    •    Beading needles, #10 or 12
    •    Ribbon embroidery needles


Embroidered peyote choker Figure 1
Figure 1
Embroidered peyote choker Figure 2
Figure 2

Peyote strip

1 Measure your neck. Use Nymo B to stitch an even-count, flat peyote strip following the pattern in Figure 1. Repeat the pattern until the strip is your neck length minus 1 in. (2.5cm).

2 Follow the pattern in Figure 2 to make the buttonhole at the end of the strip. (Alternatively, you can make a beaded loop that fits securely over the 8mm bead or pearl for closure.)

Embroidered peyote choker Photo a
Photo A
3 At the other end of the strip, zigzag through the beadwork to secure a thread and exit the “up” bead on the bottom edge of the last row. String 5 cylinder beads, the 8mm pearl or bead, a crystal, and an 11/0 seed bead. Skip the seed bead and sew back through the crystal, the pearl or bead, and 2 of the cylinder beads. String 4 cylinder beads and sew into the “down” bead at the top edge of the strip (Photo a). Reinforce the attachment, then zigzag through the beadwork to secure the thread. Trim it close.

To view full instructions for this project that include how to make the drapes and dangles, and create the embroidery for this peyote choker necklace, download the free project PDF here.

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