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Beaded barefoot sandals

Use those seashells that you found on vacation to make some foot jewelry
After a few trips to the beach this year, I thought it might be fun to make a pair barefoot sandals. While they’re not terribly functional and don’t serve much of a purpose other than fashionable beach wear, I still love the trendy, bohemian look and carefree feel of them. 

Foot jewelry is simply adornment for your feet. Why should your hands have all the fun? Barefoot sandals just take the basic anklet and toe ring up to a new level by joining them together with beads, braids or chain.

Many brides have taken to wearing barefoot sandals for their beach weddings. These "sandals" are even becoming popular away from the beach. Some people wear them along with a simple pair of flats or flip flops to dress up the look of their footwear. 

Historically, anklets and other foot jewelry were worn in Ancient Egyptian and Indian cultures. The tradition carries on today as a part of elegant Indian bridal ensembles that incorporate elaborate metallic paayal, or anklets, which often include gems, bells and pearls. 

For my first try, I wanted a way to use some of the seashells from our trip to the shore to make a very simple version. The sandals are pretty easy to design. Basically, you just need a big loop to go around one of your toes at the center of a long cord, which eventually gets split into at least two different stands to wrap around your ankle. I chose to showcase one seashell and tie a bow as the closure. If none of your seashells have a natural hole, I recommend checking out this fantastic article by Kathryn Keil "Tips for drilling beach glass and seashells" to learn how to drill a hole in them.

For my beaded barefoot sandal, I used the Wrap-It Loom along with leftover beads and cord that I found in the Bead&Button workroom. Etsy and Pinterest are full of gorgeous, elaborate versions of barefoot sandals made with a variety of materials. Some of my favorites feature crocheted flowers, brocade embellishments, chainmail, metal, and leather.

As I worked, I thought that this would be a great way to keep teenage girls' eyes away from their smartphones on a long road trip and busy on making a pair of sandals to wear at their beach destination. You might want to give it a try on your next vacation!
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