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Chinese button knots

chinese button knots 1
Step 1
Make a counterclockwise loop in the cord and hold the bottom of the loop with your left thumb and forefinger.
Chinese button knots 2
Step 2
Make a second counter-clockwise loop overlapping the first loop.
Chinese button knots 3
Step 3
Make a third counterclockwise loop, bringing the cord end down through the loop on the right, up through the middle section, and down and under the left loop. Bring the end over the fixed end.
Chinese button knots 4
Step 4
Bring the end down through the right loop, under the next two cords, up through the center area, and across the remaining cords.
Chinese button knots 5
Step 5
Gently and slowly pull the ends in opposite directions. The shape of the knot will begin to form.
Chinese button knots 6
Step 6
Pull the knot to start tightening it. A loop or two will stick out.
Chinese button knots 7
Step 7
Move the knot into position by holding the cord that is on the side you want to move the knot toward, and pushing the cord into the knot. Note which loop is linked to the cord you pushed. Pull that loop until the knot is in the desired position. Continue pulling loop by loop to take up slack, turning the knot in the same direction and tightening through each loop until the knot is snug.
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