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Toolbox: Metal clay

Metal clay toolbox
This photo shows some of the tools you will need for metal clay jewelry projects. Not shown: Kiln, tumbler, steel shot, burnishing compound, vermiculite, kiln-safe container.

Here's a handy guide to the essential tools that you should have in your workshop for metal clay projects.

  • Acrylic or PVC roller
  • Airtight storage containers
  • Brass brush
  • Burnisher
  • Clear, hard plastic sheet
  • Craft knife
  • Drinking straw
  • Fine-tip paintbrush
  • Flexible Teflon sheet
  • Kiln, kiln shelf
  • Mug warmer
  • Needle files
  • Needle tool
  • Olive oil or natural hand balm
  • Pin vise or holder with drill bits
  • Plastic wrap
  • Playing cards or thickness gauge
  • Rubber block
  • Shaped cutters
  • Smoothing tool
  • Spatula or palette knife
  • Syringe
  • Texture sheets or molds
  • Tissue blade (flexible, rigid, or wavy)
  • Tumbler, steel shot, burnishing compound
  • Vermiculite, kiln-safe container
  • Water (distilled)
  • Wet/dry sandpaper: various grits or nail buff/emery board
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