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Craft a crystal pendant

Embed crystal drops in clay to create a brilliant necklace!

Here’s a new use for crystals: Flip them upside down and set them in a bezel with clay. I played with different ideas for this pendant and liked polygon drops the best; they have clean angles that allow the color of the clay and mica powder to reflect intensely through the crystal. The finished pendant is a tribute to the crystal formations found in nature. This would be a great way to use broken crystals as well.


necklace 26–28 in. (66–71 cm)

  • 25–28 mm round pendant bezel
  • 19–23 13 mm polygon drop crystal pendants 
  • Crystal Clay two-part epoxy, white
  • silver mica powder
  • 26–28 in. (66–71 cm) chain, 7–8 mm links
  • 2 4 mm jump rings
  • lobster claw clasp and soldered jump ring
  • olive oil or Badger Balm
  • vinyl gloves
  • soft-bristled makeup brush or paintbrush
  • 2 pairs of pliers
  • diagonal wire cutters

Craft a crystal pendant Step 1
1. With gloves on, measure equal parts of Crystal Clay. You’ll need about a grape-size amount of combined clay. Use your fingers to mix the clay for at least two minutes.
Craft a crystal pendant Step 2
2. Fill a bezel pendant with clay, forming a domed top. Apply a bit of olive oil to your gloved fingertip and smooth out any fingerprints or cracks in the clay.
Craft a crystal pendant Step 3
3. Insert the narrow end of a polygon drop in the clay along the inside edge of the bezel. Repeat with 10 to 12 drops to make a ring, spacing the drops close together and angling them away from the center.
Craft a crystal pendant Step 4
4. Make a ring of seven drops inside the previous ring, making sure to place the drops at an angle.
Craft a crystal pendant Step 5
5. Insert one to three drops straight up in the center of the clay. 
Craft a crystal pendant Step 6
6. Using a makeup brush or paintbrush, apply mica powder to the entire piece, making sure no clay shows through. Allow the pendant to cure for 14 to 16 hours. Wash it under warm water with foaming soap to remove the excess mica powder from the drops. 
Craft a crystal pendant Step 7
7. Cut a 26–28-in. (66–71 cm) piece of chain. String the pendant. Or open the center link as you would a jump ring and attach the pendant. Close the jump ring.
Craft a crystal pendant Step 8
8. On one end, use a jump ring to attach a lobster claw clasp. Repeat on the other end, substituting a soldered jump ring for the clasp.
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