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Turtle pool party pendant

Make this sweet little turtle pendant from polymer clay, epoxy clay and resin

You know what’s cool? A little pool party turtle around your neck! So let’s make one! This is an easy project that uses a lot of different materials—like polymer clay and resin and epoxy — but you wanted to use those things a little more anyway, didn’t you?!


  • polymer clay: Premo™ (or your preferred brand)
    • Gold
    • Ecru
    • Grey Granite
    • White
  • epoxy clay in any color (I used Swarovski Ceralun™ in Black) 
  • rubber gloves 
  • resin: any two-part epoxy resin that will air-dry (I used the Nunn Design™ resin kit which comes with stir stick and mixing cup)
  • bezel: a Nunn Design™ Deep Bezel Pendant Circle Grande in Brass or a similar circular pendant
  • charm: I used Nunn Design™ Guadalupe charm in Antique Silver
  • 2 small glass seed beads in dark blue (for eyes)
  • needle tool 
  • needle-nose tweezers (optional)
  • paintbrush
  • powder: chalk powder or pastel. I’ve listed what I used, but anything similar will work
    • medium brown (Pan Pastel™ Raw Umber)
    • pale blue (Pan Pastel™ Turquoise Tint)
    • pink (CF SurfaceFX™ Neon Princess)
    • green (CF SurfaceFX™ Kapow!) 
    • gold mica powder (CF SurfaceFX™ Flash) 
  • accents: tiny barnacles, shells, pebbles or glass beads
  • glitter flakes (optional) 
  • Swellegant™ Dye and Sealant (optional)
  • Caribbean Blue Dye Oxide
  • Swellegant™ Sealant 
  • oven 
  • oven thermometer
  • chain
  • jump rings
  • Polymer clay, seed beads, tools, chalks/pastels, glitter flakes and paint brushes can be found at most craft supplies stores
  • CF SurfaceFX powders and tools are available from my website,
  • Nunn Design bezel, charm, chain and resin kits are online at
  • Barnacles live in the ocean, so good luck with that!



Turtle pool party pendant Photo A
1. Start with a small ball of gold-colored polymer clay (about the size of a pea). (PHOTO A)
Turtle pool party pendant Photo B
2. Roll it into a slightly oval shape, then flatten it with your fingers. This will be the turtle’s bottom shell. (PHOTO B)
Turtle pool party pendant Photo C
Photo C
3. Now use a different color for all the turtle body bits. I mixed a little white and ecru and grey granite (cuz I love those specks!) together to make the color that I used.  

4. Make a long, fat teardrop for his head/neck. (PHOTO C)
Turtle pool party pendant Photo D
Photo D
5. The front and back legs are both flattened ovals of clay (the front are bigger than the back), and the tail is just a little snake of clay. (PHOTO D)
Turtle pool party pendant Photo E
Photo E
6. Place all the turtle bits on top of the bottom shell. Press gently but firmly to attach. (PHOTO E)
Turtle pool party pendant Photo F
Photo F
7. You can add a scaly texture by gently pressing the handle of a needle tool into the legs, tail and head. Most metal needle tools have the same kind of grip pattern as shown, which is just perfect for this texture. (PHOTO F)
Turtle pool party pendant Photo G
Photo G
8. Eyes are easy! Glass seed beads can be pressed into the side of the turtle’s head and tah dah! Eyes! I used my needle-nosed tweezers to pick up and press in the beads. (PHOTO G)
Turtle pool party pendant Photo H
Photo H
9. Now that all the turtle parts are finished, let’s cover him with a top shell. Roll out another ball of gold clay, but almost twice as much as the first ball. Shape that into a burger-bun kind of shape — flat on the bottom and domed on the top. Adjust the shape and remove or add clay as needed until you have the right size.  Place it on top and press gently but firmly to attach. (PHOTO H)

Turtle is done, but it’s time to add some decorative touches to make it really look great!
Turtle pool party pendant Photo I
Photo I
1. I added little balls of clay to the shell. Start with one in the center and press it flat. (PHOTO I)
Turtle pool party pendant Photo J
Photo J
2. Press a ball on top of that, but keep it more rounded (don’t press it flat!) Add more balls all around the shell and press them just enough to connect. Looks like lots of dots, huh? (PHOTO J)
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