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Make a memory pendant

Fill a bezel with souvenirs for wearable memories

Years ago, I visited Port Townsend, WA — a charming coastal village. While there, I pocketed little treasures like bits of lavender and snippets of evergreen. For a keepsake pendant, I layered them over a vintage map of the area and preserved them with resin. The charms represent how I feel about Washington: a heart, an arrow directing me back, and a wishbone because I wish I could live there.


Necklace 18 in. (46 cm)

  • maps and tiny found objects
  • 34 mm round bezel connector, with two loops
  • 6 15–20 mm nuggets
  • 3 15–24 mm assorted charms
  • 16–18 in. (41–46 cm) unsoldered chain, 10 mm links
  • 6 2-in. (5 cm) eye pins
  • 8 mm jump ring
  • toggle clasp
  • 2 pairs of chainnose or bentnose pliers
  • roundnose pliers
  • diagonal wire cutters
  • two-part resin
  • craft glue or sealant
  • wooden craft sticks
  • paintbrush
  • circle punch or scissors 

Supplies from Nunn Design, Check your local bead store for supplies.



Make a memory pendant Step 1
Step 1
Cut out a 11⁄4-in. (3.2 cm) circular image to fit inside a bezel connector. Glue the image to the inside of the bezel. Use a paint-brush to apply a thin layer of glue or sealant over the image. Allow to dry.
Make a memory pendant Step 2
Step 2
Mix resin according to the manufacturer’s directions. Partially fill the bezel with resin. To add a 3-D component, place it in the bezel while the resin is still tacky. Allow to cure overnight.
Instead of pouring resin into the bezel, use a wooden craft stick to slowly add drops to the bezel. Dripping the resin allows for more control and fewer air bubbles.
Make a memory pendant Step 3
Step 3
Add a second layer of resin to the bezel, filling it until the resin lies flush with the bezel’s edge. If desired, slowly add additional drops of resin to create a domed effect. Allow to cure overnight.
Make a memory pendant Step 4
Step 4
Open a jump ring. Attach three charms and the bottom loop of the bezel connector. Close the jump ring.
Make a memory pendant necklace Step 1
Step 1
To make a nugget connector: On an eye pin, string a nugget. Make a wrapped loop. Make six nugget connectors.
Make a memory pendant necklace Step 2
Step 2
Open the eye-pin loop of a nugget connector. Attach the wrapped loop of a second connector. Close the eye-pin loop. These are the center nuggets.
Make a memory pendant necklace Step 3
Step 3
Use two pairs of chainnose or bentnose pliers to separate five chain links, opening and closing the links as you would a jump ring. Use a chain link to attach the remaining loop of the bezeled pendant over the center nuggets.
Make a memory pendant necklace Step 4
Step 4
On each side of the center nuggets, use two chain links to attach two nugget connectors as shown. Cut two 6–7-in. (15–18 cm) pieces of chain. Attach an end link of each to the end connector.
Make a memory pendant necklace Step 5
Step 5
On each end link of chain, attach half of a toggle clasp.
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