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Reversible resin pendant

Make a reversible pendant with an open-back bezel and ICE resin

I love the opportunities an open-back bezel offers — even if it does come with challenges. For my clown pendant, I flipped the bezel upside down and drilled two holes for a handmade wire bail. But for a first foray into filling open-back bezels with resin, you can simplify the process and skip the bail. The most important thing: Don’t expect expert results from your first attempts. For some tips, check out the list of do’s and don’ts (below) before you get started.



  • 15–45 mm bezel with loop
  • diagonal wire cutters
  • ICE Resin
  • images to fit inside bezel
  • mixing cups
  • packing tape
  • plastic gloves
  • safety goggles
  • sponge applicators
  • waxed paper
  • wooden craft sticks

Necklace 28 in. (71 cm)

  • Pendant
  • 18 mm glass button
  • 50–58 in. (1.3–1.5 m) 2 mm leather cord
  • 6 in (15 cm) 18-gauge bronze wire
  • 6 mm lightbulb bezel
  • hook clasp
  • 9 mm jump ring
  • 2 pairs of pliers
  • E6000 adhesive
  • hammer
  • bench block or anvil

Some supplies from Objects and Elements, Check your local bead store for supplies.



Reversible resin pendant 4
Photo 1
  • Use a craft stick to burnish the back of the taped bezel (PHOTO 1). 
  • After slowly and thoroughly mixing the resin for two minutes, allow it to sit for five minutes before dripping it into the bezel.
Reversible resin pendant 5
Photo 2
  • Layer the images close to the surface of each side of a deep bezel (PHOTO 2).
  • Use images with a lot of contrast. Otherwise, especially in a deep pendant, the details get lost.
  • Pour the bezel almost full and let the resin dry for six hours. Resin in a deep bezel will overflow if you try to dome it in one pour. Mix up a new batch of resin and drip in a layer to dome.
Reversible resin pendant 6
Photo 3
DON'T pour resin into the bezel directly from a cup. Instead, drip small amounts of resin from the tip of a craft stick (PHOTO 3).
Reversible resin pendant 7
Photo 4
DON'T wait to clean up spilled resin. You only have 30 to 45 minutes before it starts to harden (PHOTO 4).



Reversible resin pendant 1
Step 1

Cut a piece of packing tape to fit over the back of an open-back bezel. Press the tape along the back of the bezel. Use a craft stick to burnish the tape to create a tight seal. 

Cut two images to fit back-to-back in the bezel. Using a sponge applicator, coat each side of each image with Mod Podge and allow to dry for about six hours.

Reversible resin pendant 2
Step 2

Following the manufacturer’s directions, mix a small batch of ICE Resin. Place the bezel on a flat surface. Using the tip of the craft stick, drip resin to cover the bottom 1⁄4 of the bezel. 

Reversible resin pendant 3
Step 3
Place an image face down in the bezel. Slowly drip resin in the bezel. Place another image face up in the bezel. For a shallow bezel, drip resin to the top. Allow to fully cure for three days. Remove the tape from the back of the bezel.  For a deep bezel, drip resin until the bezel is 3⁄4 full. Allow to dry. Mix a new batch of resin. Drip resin to the top of the bezel. Allow to cure. Remove the tape.

1. Make a pendant. Use a permanent marker to personalize the image before coating it with Mod Podge.

2. Ball the end of the wire

3. Use a flex shaft for drilling.

4. Cut a 2-in. (5 cm) piece of bronze wire. Hammer or ball each end. Center a button on a 50–58-in. (1.3–1.5 m) piece of leather. Wrap the wire around both halves of the leather to secure the button.

5. Fill a lightbulb bezel with E6000. Insert the leather ends and allow to dry. Open a jump ring and attach a hook clasp. Close the jump ring.

6. Cut a 4-in. (10 cm) piece of bronze wire. Hammer or ball each end. Attach the pendant to both pieces of leather. 


Reversible resin pendant design alternative
Reversible resin earrings
Try different bezel styles. These square frame bezels are perfect for lightweight earrings.
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