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Reversible rainbow bracelet

Make a four-color Skinner blend, and then add detail with rubber stamps and ink for a refined bracelet.


Bracelet 7 1⁄4 in. (18.4 cm)

  • 16 6/0 seed beads (matte black)
  • 12–14 8/0 seed beads (matte black)
  • 2 oz. polymer clay in each of 4 colors: color A (yellow), color B (red), color C (blue), black
  • elastic bead cord, 1 mm
  • glue for elastic cord (optional)
  • acrylic roller
  • cardstock (optional)
  • needle tool
  • pasta machine*
  • permanent dye ink pad
  • (Ancient Page, coal black)
  • plastic wrap
  • rolling rubber stamps in 2 patterns (Rollagraph Design Wheels, Chinese Noodles and Tiny Leaves)
  • ruler
  • tissue blade
  • toaster oven*

*Dedicated to the use of polymer clay


Reversible rainbow bracelet a
Photo a

Skinner blend

1. Condition each block of clay.

2. Set the pasta machine to the thickest setting, and roll out a 2 x 81⁄2-in. (5 x 21.6 cm) sheet of color A clay. Repeat with color B and color C clays.

3. Cut each sheet in half diagonally to make two right-angle triangles of each color. Place a color A and a color B triangle next to each other, slightly overlapping the edges, to form a rectangle. Repeat with a color A and a color C triangle. Place both rectangles next to each other with the color A triangles on the outside edges, and slightly overlap the color B and C edges. Press the seams gently to make the clay sheets stick together (PHOTO A).

4. Fold the sheet in half, aligning the top and bottom edge to form a square. With the pasta machine set to the thickest setting, place the folded edge into the rollers, and roll the sheet through the machine. Repeat this step 10 to 20 times, always folding the sheet in the same direction and feeding the folded edge through the machine.

Reversible rainbow bracelet b
Photo b

5. Set the machine to the next setting, and roll the blended sheet through once (PHOTO B). Repeat this step two or three times, decreasing the setting each time and rolling the sheet through until the pasta machine is on the middle setting.

Tiles and toggle bar

1. Cut the blended sheet into two 1 1⁄4 x 8 1⁄2-in. (3.2 x 21.6 cm) strips.

Reversible rainbow bracelet c
Photo c
2. Ink a rubber stamp, and press it evenly on a strip. Repeat with the other rubber stamp and strip. Let the ink dry (PHOTO C). 
Reversible rainbow bracelet d
Photo d

3. Set the pasta machine to a middle setting, and roll the black clay through it. Cut two strips that measure 1⁄2 x 9 in. (1.3 x 23 cm), and lay them on the outer edges of the back side of a stamped strip. Cut a strip that measures 5⁄16 x 9 in. (8 mm x 23 cm), and place it between the 1⁄2 x 9-in. (1.3 x 23 cm) strips to create two cord channels. Trim the excess black clay from the ends (PHOTO D).

4. Place the other stamped strip on top of the black strips, and trim the excess clay from the ends.

Reversible rainbow bracelet e
Photo e

5. Cut the layered strip into nine 5⁄8-in. (1.6 cm) tiles (PHOTO E), keeping the tiles in order for assembly later.

Reversible rainbow bracelet f
Photo f

6. Place a sheet of plastic wrap over the tiles, and gently rub the edges of each tile with your finger to soften them (photo f).

7.  Use the needle tool to slightly widen the holes in each tile.

8. Make a toggle bar: Using your hands, roll an almond-shaped piece of black clay about 1⁄2 x 1 1⁄4 in. (1.3 x 3.2 cm), and flatten one side. Using the needle tool, poke two holes to align with the holes in each tile (PHOTO G).

9. Bake the tiles and toggle in the toaster oven following the manufacturer’s instructions, and let cool completely.

Reversible rainbow bracelet g
Photo g


1. Cut a 20-in. (51 cm) piece of elastic cord. 

2. Refer to the figure to string the bracelet. With the tiles in the same order as in step 5 of “Tiles and toggle bar,” start with a center tile: String an alternating pattern of a 6/0 seed bead and one hole of a tile. When you reach the last tile on this half of the bracelet, string both holes of the toggle bar to turn. String the remaining holes of the tiles on this half of the bracelet, alternating with 6/0s. 

3. When you reach the center tile, continue alternating a 6/0 and one hole of a new tile until you string the last tile on this end. Pick up enough 8/0 seed beads to fit around the toggle bar, and string the remaining holes of the tiles on this half of the bracelet, alternating with 6/0s until you reach the center tile.

4. Tie the cord ends with a square knot close to the center tile, leaving appropriate tension between the tiles and beads. Dot the knot with glue if desired, and let dry. Trim the excess cord, and pull the knot into an adjacent tile hole.

  • Adjust the size of the bracelet by adding more beads between the tiles or cutting the tiles smaller or larger. 
  • Use cardstock to make a template for cutting the Skinner blend triangles made in step 3.

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