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Working with Metal Clay Paper

Learn how products differ and get tips on how to work with metal clay paper

What Does “Metal Clay Paper” Mean?

Different manufacturers have different names for their waterless, paper-thin metal clay product. Art Clay Silver (ACS) packages their product under the name “Art Clay Silver Paper Type.” Precious Metal Clay (PMC) packages their product under the name “PMC Sheet” or “PMC+ Sheet.” PMC Sheet is thinner than ACS Paper Type.

Both ACS Paper Type and PMC Sheet must be fired in a cold kiln, according to the manufacturer’s instructions.

PMC Sheet has a firing schedule that is compatible with other PMC+ products. ACS Paper Type has a firing schedule that is compatible with ACS Basic and ACS Basic slow-dry products.

Tips for Working with Metal Clay Paper

  • Until you are ready to use metal clay paper, keep it in its package to prevent the paper from oxidizing and discoloring.
  • Metal clay paper does not contain water like other metal clay formulations. Do not add water to metal clay paper, or it will disintegrate.
  • Metal clay paper remains flexible and doesn’t need to dry before you can fire it. Fold metal clay paper by pressing it with your fingertips rather than with a tool or your fingernail, which could make cuts in the paper.
  • Repair tears in metal clay paper after it has been fired. Apply metal clay slip to the tear and refire.
  • Place metal clay paper in a cold kiln and follow the manufacturer’s firing instructions.
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