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New thread cutting tool

Not to be Captain Obvious here, but in beading, beads are naturally the star of the show. Someone would've come up with some other name for it otherwise, right? And while we ooh and aah over the sparkling crystals, rich gemstones, and colorful seed beads, we're also pretty passionate about those things that help us connect those elements into a cohesive whole, namely our needles, threads, and cutters. I don't believe I've ever met a beader who didn't have a strong opinion on at least one of those things. And while I definitely have favorites, my preferences are often softened by that pesky phrase "it depends," because a certain product may be great in some applications but less so in others. For instance, I know a lot of beaders who only use Fireline for thread, and while I like Fireline and use it often, I also use nylon thread because I think it is a better choice in certain situations, like for doing bead embroidery or fringe.
Boomerang Thread Snip

I am not that fussy when it comes to thread cutters, though, because I'm of the general opinion that as long as it cuts through Fireline it will be fine in 99% of my beading situations. And, unlike when I started beading and it was hard to find a pair of snips that would easily cut through Fireline, we now have a wealth of options, including at least two wonderful products by Xuron, fabulous scissors by Chikamasa, tiny but tough travel scissors by Burfitt, and a few good options from Fiskars, not to mention the hot line cutters (also known as thread burners) from Berkley (maker of Fireline) and similar tools from The Beadsmith and EuroTool.

I came across my latest find, the Boomerang Snip, at the Bead&Button Show when I stopped at Karen Bruns' booth to see her latest creations. This compact tool has blades that can lock shut, a handy LED light that you can shine into the deep recesses of your beadwork, a retractable cord so you can hang it in your bead bag and NEVER LOSE IT (this is a big one for me!) and best of all, it cuts through Fireline with ease. So I am happily adding it to my thread-cutting arsenal. Its the obvious thing to do!

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