8 Great Ring Projects

Your ring project round-up is complete with free downloadable projects for you to print, make, and wear. Plus, find tips and tricks for fitting and making rings.


Ring projects are fantastic for perfecting your skills. You’ll find a wide assortment of techniques here, including stitched, embroidered, enameled, wire-wrapped, and metal clay rings. Click on the project titles to bring you to the printable pages.

Crystal ring

Blue and gold crystal ring

Stitch up a ring in peyote and herringbone to make a ring fit for a queen. Give a round crystal stone the royal treatment with this beautiful ring. Make a bezel for a crystal stone and set it in a ring. Embellish it with bicone crystals and Charlottes for extra sparkle and shine. Gold-tone cylinder beads bring out the sparkle in the focal crystal.

Crossweave crystal ring hero

Crossweave crystal ring

Crossweave technique and a variety of crystal shapes create a ring that demands attention.

Few crystal accessories go unnoticed — the sheer sparkle and play of light catches the eye. Whether you choose warm or cool tones, this ring is perfect for any season. Neutrals in warm or cool tones create rings that add sparkle to any outfit.


Ring tones bead embroidered rings

Ring tones embroidered ring

Stitch a handful of rings in a variety of styles using bead embroidery and the beads in your stash. These deep-bezel ring blanks, typically used for resin, make perfect frames for bead embroidery. Choose one with a round or oval opening, and incorporate small cabs, seed beads, or even cup chain!


Copper ring trio

Copper ring trio

Try three wire-wrapped variations of the rosette motif. Learn how to make a looped ring, globe ring, and rosette ring while working in warm, economical copper wire. It’s easier than you might think to make high-end wire-wrapped rings,


Chic wire wrapped ring hero

Chic wire-wrapped ring

There’s no powder blue box in sight, but an inexpensive cubic zirconia earring and some wire wrapping will still give you that Tiffany’s feeling. This witty interpretation of a solitaire ring turns ordinary wirework into something special.


Leaf textured ring

Leaf-textured ring

This ring design presents some fun challenges. One is smoothing the seam without distorting the delicate leaf pattern, then getting the pattern to be consistent across that seam. A lap join creates the seam, and with a bit of clay and a few tools, the leaf pattern looks like it was never interrupted. Another challenge is getting the sizing just right. 


Basketweave Metal Clay Ring

Basketweave Metal Clay Ring

Modify the tip of your metal clay syringe to re-create a fundamental cake-decorating design.

This project invites experimentation — try altering your syringe tip in different ways to create a variety of effects. You’ll find that you can bring any number of cake-decorating techniques to metal clay, and vice versa! 


Adjustable shank wire wrapped ring

Adjustable-shank wire-wrapped ring

Many people can’t wear traditional rings because arthritis, joint inflammation, or large knuckles make it impossible for them to slip rings on and off. The shank of this adjustable wire ring easily expands to slip over a large joint before returning to its original size. I used Argentium Sterling Silver wire, but you can use sterling silver, gold-filled, or another metal. Some people believe that untreated copper can bring relief to arthritis sufferers, so copper would make a great material for this ring (though untreated copper may react with your skin, turning it green).



Ring size chart

Download and print our handy ring sizing chart. Find standard U.S. and U.K. ring sizes plus inside diameter measurements and inside circumference measurements in this quick-reference chart. Also, learn how to calculate the length of metal sheet you'll need to make ring bands.



Tips and tricks for fitting beaded rings

Want to try making beaded rings, but worried about how to get the size right? We’ll shows insider tricks to ensure a perfect fit every time. 

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