Peyote pattern roundup

5 FREE bracelet projects to download and 5 tips and techniques — including videos — to help make fabulous beaded peyote patterns.


When we survey readers, peyote stitch consistently ranks as a favorite. If you are new to the stitch or need a little help perfecting it, here is a gathering of tips, techniques, videos, and downloadable projects. I hope this helps you appreciate the flat version of the ancient stitch known as peyote.


Carpet bracelet

The designer of the bracelet, Beth Stone, tell us “On a recent visit to the Bead&Buttonoffices in Waukesha, Wisconsin, in the U.S., I admired the carpet, which is a patchwork of squares, rectangles, and stripes in a range of colors. I knew there was a bracelet design in that carpet, and when I got home, I set to work.” The result is this fun even-count peyote stitch bracelet. Inspiration truly is everywhere!



Subscriber Exclusive: Poinsettia bracelet word chart

Stitch up this attractive band of poinsettia flowers, featuring a unique slider embellishment. The band is flat peyote and so is the slider, so get two peyote patterns in one! Designed by Julie Ann Smith.




Tamzara peyote bracelet

A design reminiscent of a Central Asian carpet combines rich tapestry colors with geometric motifs. Stitched in flat odd-count peyote stitch, the beadwork measures approximately 7 3⁄4 x 1 7⁄8 in. (19.7 x 4.8 cm), which is perfect for a wide bracelet. The name Tamzara is taken from a traditional Armenian folk dance performed in a line or a circle.Designed by Pascale Guichaoua-Mikovic



Wintery tile bracelet

All together now! Stretch your peyote skills with this graphic bracelet featuring even- and odd-count peyote with both increases and decreases. A series of peyote bars and straps brings it all together. Designed by LorraineCoetzee



Fast peyote stitch

Now, take it up a notch. Peyote stitch is possibly the best-loved beading technique, but it can take a while when you’re adding one bead at a time. With this technique, you can pick up two rows at once. Design by Dona Anderson



Flat even-count peyote stitch video tutorial

Prefer to learn with videos? This is for you! Learn flat even-count peyote stitch in this video tutorial.


Download this FREE project by Josie Fabre.

Reading a three-drop peyote pattern

This is my favorite version of flat peyote, since it keeps you on your toes as you pick up your beads in groups of three. Watch this video to see how easy it is to read a three-drop peyote stitch pattern.



Print this FREE downloadable project of a one-sided fringed bracelet by Jennifer Creasey.


Finishing peyote beaded patterns

Jane Cruz demonstrates techniques for finishing peyote patterns including using a Toob finding, a multi-loop clasp and a toggle finding.



Peyote pattern finishing techniques

You found a fabulous peyote bracelet pattern. Now what? Bracelet patterns often omit steps that show you how to complete the bands, such as attaching a clasp. This is mainly due to the many options for finishing (which are personal choices!). To help you complete your pattern projects, click on the pdf for a few suggestions.

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