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2 ways to make a quartz crystal pendant

How to create a simple wire-wrapped crystal pendant or a peyote-stitched crystal pendant

Quartz crystals have seen a recent surge in popularity and when I was in Tucson recently, it seemed like absolutely every vendor was selling them. So I picked some up to make them into pendants.


There are any number of ways to integrate a quartz crystal stone into a piece of jewelry, including embedding them in a Crystal Clay setting, as in this project by Becky Nunn. Simple wire-wrapping is probably the easiest way to create a pendant, but bead-stitching is another wonderful option. I’ve created a few versions so you can see some options.


Quartz crystals, sometimes referred to as single-terminated or double-terminated crystal points, come in a variety of styles. You can get them undrilled or drilled. I like to get drilled crystals, because the hole provides a secure way to integrate them into your jewelry design.


I've used two different styles in my pendants, though there are many others out there.

The coated single-terminated crystals (seen in the gray pendants, above) are relatively small and have correspondingly small holes that work well with 24-gauge wire.  

The double-terminated crystals (clear crystals, above) are larger, have 1 mm holes, and worked perfectly with 20-gauge wire.

Wire pendant
To make a simple wire-wrapped crystal pendant, cut a 3-4-in. piece of wire, and center the crystal on it. Bend both ends of the wire straight up along the sides of the crystal, and then bend the ends over the top of the crystal so they cross each other. 

At the point where they cross, make a slight bend in one wire so it points straight up. 

Wrap the other end around the vertical stem a couple of times, and then trim and tuck the wire. 


Now, with the vertical wire, make a wrapped loop, trimming the wire so that this end butts up against the end of the previous wraps. Tuck the end with chainnose pliers.


These designs are very basic but there are many other things you could do. One thing that’s very popular is to create a messy wrap at the top of the crystal, like the one that is second-from-right at the top of this page. To get this look, start with a longer piece of wire – say about 12-18 in. Create this the same way as the basic wrap, but after you’ve wrapped the stem above the crystal, just keep going. Wrap it around the top of the crystal, making the wraps looser and more organic looking.

Beaded pendant

A peyote stitch band can give a crystal pendant a one-of-a-kind look. To make a pendant like this, you’ll need a double-terminated crystal point, two colors of 11/0 seed beads (light green and gold), and two colors of 13/0 Charlottes (silver and gold).

To begin, make a strip of odd-count peyote that is five beads wide and long enough to wrap around the crystal. Join the ends to secure it around the crystal, and then sew through the crystal a few times to secure the beadwork in place.


Next, embellish the peyote band a bit: Exiting an edge 11/0 with the needle facing the other edge, pick up two silver Charlottes, a gold 11/0, and two silver Charlottes, and sew through the corresponding 11/0 on the opposite edge. Pick up three gold Charlottes, and sew back through the adjacent 11/0.

Pick up two silver Charlottes, sew back through the gold 11/0. 


Pick up two silver Charlottes, and sew through the corresponding 11/0 on the first edge.


Pick up three gold Charlottes, and sew through the adjacent 11/0 in the band to make a picot above the front surface embellishment.


Sew through the next two edge 11/0s in the band, and then repeat to make another embellishment. Repeat as desired. For this pendant, I did only three surface embellishments but continued with the picots all the way around the peyote band.


When the pendant looks the way you want, add two hanging loops made with gold Charlottes, and end the thread.

So now, you've got several different options for making crystal pendants. Try one or try them all!
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