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Starting a jewelry business: How to use the social media tool Pinterest


Pinterest can be time consuming but fun. So many pins to click and collect on boards! As a social media tool, it is incredibly important for a jewelry-making business. Note: the focus here is business, not personal use, and the benefits depend on your goals. 


Common business goals for social media include:

  • building a network
  • finding a community
  • marketing your product or service
  • getting exposure/recognition
  • nurturing inspiration (both yours and others’)
  • teaching or learning

Let’s take a look at Pinterest to see how it may benefit you and your social media needs.


Social media platform offering inspiration, marketing, exposure, community

Pinterest consists of boards — those you create and those you follow. Think of these as online bulletin boards where you “pin” up images in categories, like “My dream studio” or “My latest jewelry creations.” Pinterest boards are fabulous sources of inspiration, and you can follow your favorite artists to keep up with their creative journeys. 


Use Pinterest responsibly

There is, however, a growing concern about pinning photos that do not belong to you. It’s best to only pin your own work or work that you have absolute permission to use — then give credit 
to that nice artist who said it was OK.


Pin more than just photos

If you are using Pinterest to promote your business, don’t stop at just pinning images. Pinterest in a valuable tool for delivering video messages. According to the site, "Pinners love video. In 2020, video views on the platform have increased more than 3x over the previous year.” Their experts suggest: “To capture Pinners’ attention, it’s important to create ideas that aren’t just relevant and useful, but also visually playful.” Pinterest offers social media advise when you sign up with their Business Hub.


Link your sites with social media 

Pinning your work is a wonderful showcase and can include links to your website, online shop, and blog. Make sure to tweet when you post something new!


See the past blog on Starting a jewelry business: How to use the social media tool Twitter.



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