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Starting a jewelry business: How to use the social media tool Twitter

Social media tools can help you promote your jewelry-making business. Of five of the biggies, we'll start with Twitter.


Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube … social media can be #confusing
But these tools are incredibly important for a jewelry-making business. Note that last word: Our focus here is business, not personal use, and the benefits of each type of social media depend on your goals.


Common business goals for social media include:

  • building a network
  • finding a community
  • marketing your product or service
  • getting exposure/recognition
  • nurturing inspiration (both yours and others’)
  • teaching or learning

You do not have to use all social media or have all of these goals. Also, many social media will accomplish more than one goal. They all require time to keep updated, and like any part of your business, they should be given due consideration. Let’s take a look.


Your social media billboard


Think of Twitter as a miniature billboard — a small space to post as big a message as you can, mostly directing people to other places for details. Each post is called a tweet, and along with text, a tweet can contain images, videos, and links. 


Tweets of value will gain you followers, people who sign up to get all of your tweets. Give followers reasons to follow you with valuable info related to the beading world, your beading adventures, useful tips, and inspiration. For instance, tweets from mobile devices are both fun and productive at a show or event.


Tweets should include the hashtag symbol # with words related to the topic of your tweet. 


For instance, my tweet, “Kits for sale at the Sleepless Beader booth at the Big Bead Show!” might include the following hashtags: #SleeplessBeader, #BigBeadShow, #beadkits, #LeslieRogalski. When people search for any of those hashtags on Twitter (perhaps because they’re attending the Big Bead Show or have a hankering to order a jewelry kit), they’ll get a list of tweets containing that hashtag, including my tweet. They may then choose to become my follower or find me on other social media sites. Now I have a way to reach out to that person, creating marketing, exposure, and networking opportunities.


Twitter offers marketing, exposure, networking, and education

This media-sharing site is an excellent venue if you can make videos. Even simple videos made on your phone can be productive promotional tools. Here are a few ideas:

  • Make a virtual tour of your studio or show booth to feature your creations and style. Displays reveal a lot about you; stay tuned for that topic in the next issue.
  • Want to teach? Market your workshops with short demo videos. Take video at your actual workshops, too.
  • Interview colleagues to gain recognition for yourself as a well-connected person in our industry. Approaching artists, teachers, and vendors to interview is a great way to network in and of itself. 

Keep in mind that making videos requires good writing skills. You may want to write out your script, even if you don’t read off of it (which isn’t usually recommended for casual, conversational footage). Well-thought-out talking points and delivery can give you credibility should you want to propose articles or books for publication.


Every time you post a new video, don’t forget to share it on other social media sites. Viewers may choose to subscribe to your “channel” on YouTube so they can see all the videos you post in the future. Again, this makes for great marketing, exposure, and networking.



Watch for the next blog on Social Media: Pinterest.


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