QUIZ: Who is your on-screen jewelry double?

Take a pictorial quiz to discover your TV jewelry twin.


Binge watch much? If you are like me, you turn on a show and before you realize it, you’re four episodes deep and looking for more. I found myself watching “Once upon a time” the other day — the evil queen’s jewelry was captivating.


With many of us binging shows old and new, we find ourselves rooting for some characters and even identifying with select individuals. With many leading ladies sporting beautiful baubles, discover your TV-world jewelry alter ego.


Lady Mary Crawley:

Downton Abbey

You love the elegance of Edwardian and Art Deco styles of the early 1900s and find ways to use those motifs in your jewelry. You’re enjoying the current resurgence of tassels in today’s fashion and like to create classic and antique styles with crystals, pearls, and seed beads.


Olivia Pope:


With your high-fashion aesthetic and strong sense of confidence, you stand out in a crowd and revel in it. Contemporary power suits define your look, but your jewelry really makes your outfits shine. Diamonds and platinum reflect your strength, as do the geometric shapes you’re fond of. 


Wilma Flintstone:

The Flintstones

You tend to have a few go-to pieces of jewelry that you wear frequently because you are efficient and know what you like. Your favorites may be gemstones or pearls or even minimally-embellished bezeled cabochons, but in any case, your look is classic and polished.


Scarlett O’Connor:


Leather, lace, and pearls dominate your jewelry style, which is upscale but casual. You like the layered look and will often wear a stack of bracelets or a collection of necklaces all at once. Your clothing wardrobe is heavy on flirty dresses, denim, and cowboy boots, and you rock them all.


Queen Daenerys: 

Game of Thrones 

Whether made of metal, chain mail, or beads, your jewelry features strong imagery like dragons and wolves. It’s tough and edgy, made luscious with accents of Celtic knotwork and gemstones. Aged artifacts, bone, and horn also have a place in your jewelry.


Gloria Pritchett:

Modern Family

You’re loud and colorful and enjoy being the center of attention. You adorn yourself with big cuffs, statement necklaces, and bold earrings, but they don’t overwhelm you because of your strong personality. Diminutive jewelry? Why bother? 


Mary, Queen of Scots: 


Your style could be called contemporary romantic because your jewelry is usually delicate but features strong shapes and angles. You like cameos, chain, chokers, and dramatic earrings. Larger pieces tend to be monochromatic. Oh, and yes, you’ve been known to wear a tiara or two.  


Patrick Jane: 

The Mentalist

Here’s one for our male readers. (We know you’re out there!) No, he didn’t make or wear jewelry on the show, but that’s only because he was so obsessed with finding Red John. Now that his boogeyman is out of the picture and he’s happily settled down with Teresa Lisbon, we’re sure he’s going to become a beader! 


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