12 questions will help you determine what type of beaded jewelry maker you are.


So, you’re ready to get started in making your own jewelry, but you’re a bit unsure what kind of techniques you want to learn or even how to get started. Don’t worry, we’re here to help! Answer these 12 questions, keep track of your score, then at the bottom you’ll learn your results.


Got a paper and pen? Okay, let’s get started! Write down the number that goes with your answer. If more than one answer applies, write down BOTH numbers.


1. Does the idea of learning a new craft excite you?

  • I can’t even wait! Let’s get started. (Score 3)
  • Sure, sort of, but I don’t have the best skills. (Score 2)
  • Winter is here, so I wouldn’t mind giving it a try. (Score 1)

2. How do you do your grocery shopping?

  • I plan, I meal prep and I shop for everything at once. (Score 3)
  • I buy anything that looks delicious. (Score 2)
  • I only buy what’s on sale. (Score 1)

3. How many hours per day do you spend on Pinterest?

  • 2+ hours (Score 3)
  • 1 hour when I have time (Score 2)
  • What’s Pinterest? (Score 1)

4. What is your go-to style?

  • I always go bold in both color and style choices. (Score 3)
  • Jeans and t-shirts with a bit of bling. (Score 2)
  • I like neutral colors and classic pieces. (Score 1)

5. Do you have a lot of craft supplies?

  • Define a lot. (Score 3)
  • Just leftovers from past projects. (Score 2)
  • I could use a trip to the store. (Score 1)

6. Besides jewelry making, what other crafts do you enjoy?

  • Knitting (Score 2)
  • Paper crafting or scrapbooking (Score 1)
  • Crocheting (Score 2)
  • Bullet journaling (Score 1)
  • Projects with my kids (Score 3)

7. Tell us about your crafting habits. 

  • I’m more comfortable following a pattern. (Score 1)
  • I like to look at patterns, then freeform and add my own ideas. (Score 2)
  • No pattern needed, I just GO. (Score 3)

8. Are you worried that learning a new craft would be too challenging?

  • Yes, I have SO many projects currently in the works. (Score 2)
  • Yes, I am all thumbs when it comes to creative pursuits. (Score 1)
  • What are you talking about? I love to try new things! (Score 3)

9. How do you like to organize your craft supplies?

  • By color, shape, or crafting medium. (Score 3)
  • I toss them in a box and then dig around for what I need. (Score 2)
  • They’re still in the bags from the store. (Score 1)

10. In your group of friends, are you the person who:

  • Makes the plans weeks in advance? (Score 3)
  • Sends a last-minute text to see who’s around? (Score 2)
  • I don’t need to make plans, life just happens! (Score 1)

11. What is your trip to the craft store like?

  • I plan carefully and buy the exact supplies I need for a project. (Score 3)
  • I walk down all the aisles and toss things in my cart. (Score 2)
  • Oh, it’s on sale! I’ll figure out what to do with it later. (Score 1)

12. Do you purchase new containers and storage devices for your supplies? 

  • Yes, gotta keep everything organized. (Score 3)
  • I bought them but haven’t gotten around to organizing stuff yet. (Score 2)
  • Um, no, everything’s just in a box somewhere. (Score 3)







If your score is 12-25: You’re a Stringer!

When something shiny catches your eye, you have to have it. Don’t have anything in your wardrobe to match? That’s OK, time for more shopping! You’re cool with changing things up and might even throw out the beading pattern altogether and create something that is uniquely your own. You love to whip up something for a Saturday night date or make a cool gift for a girlfriend’s birthday night out.

You want to wear something unique and on-trend but following a pattern might be a bit too much. You’d rather make-and-go, or maybe toss out the booklet altogether and see what else you can create. Either way, you must sparkle at all times and you’re ready to make it happen.


If your score is 25-35: You’re a Stitcher!

You like to plan carefully, work from a pattern, and use the beads that are suggested to ensure the best success. You’re methodical and patient, and you are in your happy place with a bead mat, needle, and thread in your lap as you work on an intricate piece. Handmade is important to you and you love to wear what you make with pride.

Every bead, every supply, every single step has been carefully planned for you. You are ready to learn or master stitches like peyote, right-angle weave, and brick stitch, and you can read patterns like a pro. You will be pleased and proud when your piece looks just like the picture


If your score is 36 or above: You’re BOTH!

Sometimes you plan, sometimes you’re impulsive. What matters is that you CRAFT. You enjoy unique accessories and you make creative style choices – sometimes classic, sometimes bold, but ALWAYS handmade. You have crafting skills but you’re also cool with learning something new.


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