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Artist Profile: Guzialia Reed

Guzialia Reed’s perfectionist personality and on-the-go lifestyle drive her to produce impeccable beadwork.


Born in the post-Soviet Union country of Kyrgyzstan, Guzialia Reed moved to Kazakhstan when she was 20 years old to continue her education. She ultimately received a bachelor’s degree in political science, a master’s degree in English as a foreign language, and an MBA. Along the way, she met her husband, Waylon, with whom she had a long-distance relationship for three years. They married in 2008.


So far, they have been stationed in Japan, three U.S. states (Kentucky, Tennessee, and Alaska), and currently they are in Kwajalein Atoll, Marshall Islands, a tiny island in the Pacific Ocean. 


It’s probably his career and their constantly-on-the-move lifestyle that spurred Reed to explore and refine a new hobby interest. She’d been a knitter in her youth. “My grandma taught me to knit when I was five. I could make a sweater in two evenings. That was my crazy passion,” Reed says. “It was cold where I was living.” But when she ended up in Kentucky where it was very hot and she wasn’t wearing her sweaters, she started to learn beadweaving “from trials and mistakes” and using books.


Read the entire profile on Guzialia Reed in the April 2020 issue of Bead&Buttonmagazine. To subscribe, click here.




After Reed finished this necklace, a friend joked that maybe First Lady Michelle Obama would buy it. She didn’t, but Reed posted it to her Etsy site, and it sold in three days.


This necklace is devoted to Reed's mother-in-law. “I was inspired by the Swarovski divine rock crystal pendant developed in collaboration with Versace, the famous Italian design house,” Reed says. The top center stone is ocean jasper.


“Parisian Princess”

“I really like fuchsia, but I find it hard to combine with anything. Here I used grey Swarovski pearls and grey crystals,” Reed says.

“Royal Angel”

“I love using 24k gold-plated beads by Toho,” Reed says. “I thought this combination of myriad Swarovski colors, gold beads, and golden pearls would look unforgettable and have a royal look.”

“Snow Queen”

For Reed, her stunning necklace Snow Queen evokes memories of wintry Russian landscapes.

“Snow Queen”

Reed wears Snow Queen. “I believe necklaces look their best when shown on real women. And women look their best when wearing beautiful jewelry.”


Reed was experimenting with a new color palate of crystals and pearls. 


This necklace, modelled by LaTania, was the Fire Mountain Gems 2015 Grand Prize Gold Medal winner.

“Seasons of the Year”

In this colorful necklace, Reed wanted to portray how beautiful the different seasons can be and how they are all connected.

“Black Swan”

“The colors of the Swarovski crystals resemble the feathers of the swan to me,” says Reed.

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