6 great green jewelry projects

Learn to make stitched, strung, and wire-wrapped projects that showcase the color green. You’ll find step-by-step instructions and downable projects for free.


As a round-up of colorful options, we have gathered some of our favorite Facet projects that celebrate green. We hope you enjoy the stitched earrings, strung necklaces, and a wire-wrapped bracelet — and one locked project for subscribers only. Plus, you’ll find tips for tinting your jewelry green by patinating. Just click on the name of the project!

Rethinking green

Rethinking green: multistrand necklace

What’s old is new again as fashion reinvents colors from the past. In this necklace, 1970s avocado reemerges as a more intense hue of parrot green. The overall design is delicate and deceptively simple, with peridot briolettes sprinkled along brilliant strands of tiny, gold seed beads. These instructions also include a bracelet and earrings. Together, all three pieces convey an understated elegance centered on the gorgeous green gemstones.


Sparkling crystal cabochons necklace

Bezeled Sparkling crystal cabochons necklace

Surrounded by peyote stitch bezels and Russian leaves, crystal cabochons are not only beautiful, they are also functional. Hidden between the cabs, a snap closure blends seamlessly into the necklace design.



Pearl earrings with wire-wrapped prongs

Pearls don’t have to be demure. Why not spotlight these lustrous beauties with edgy, gothic-inspired wire wrapping? I’ll let you in on a secret: The tapered clawlike prongs only appear to be clutching the pearls. Cleverly concealed head pins are actually doing the heavy lifting. To finish off the pieces, you can fabricate your own hoop-post findings using basic torch skills. Or, forgo the torch, and forge simple ear-wire hooks instead.

Clover green briolette necklace

Clover green briolette necklace

Spring — the season where green is always in fashion — is just around the corner. I couldn’t resist the fresh feel of these faceted briolettes paired with gleaming silver chain. The design is a breeze and the effect is sweetly eye-catching. I might just have to wear this springtime strand all year long!


Sweet shamrock earrings

Sweet shamrock earrings

These wee shamrock earrings work up quickly, so there’s no reason to head to your next St. Patrick’s day celebration without a bit of green.

Woven wire bezel bracelet

Woven wire bezel bracelet

Showcase your wireworking skills by surrounding rough-cut aventurine beads with a stunning herringbone wire weave pattern. This clever wire-weaving technique decoratively frames the stones, transforming them into a combination of color and texture. To create an interesting choker-length necklace, link together your herringbone bracelet with a coordinating strand and add a large stone surrounded by a herringbone weave to the jump ring on the clasp.  



Subscriber Exclusive: Celtic spirals peyote bracelet

A traditional Celtic symbol bracelet is stitched in odd-count peyote stitch.

The triple spirals spinning across the lush green surface of this bracelet are a traditional Celtic symbol. The bracelet is stitched in odd-count peyote stitch. 

BASICS_liver of sulfur 1

Patinating with liver of sulfur

 Liver of sulfur (potassium sulfide or sulfurated potash) is a simple and relatively safe chemical patina for patinating a variety of common nonferrous jewelry-making metals. It works well on sterling silver, fine silver, shibuichi, and copper; some results on brass and nickel; no effect on gold or aluminum. It’s easy to use, and will create a range of colors to give depth and contrast to your pieces.


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