The controversial color of the year

Discover how this classic color can be contentious. Plus find seven sensational projects, which feature this Pantone color, for you to download for FREE.


What was Pantone thinking when they named “Classic Blue” the 2020 Color of the Year? Did they think it was a safe bet, since blue is universally the most popular color? Sorry passionate enthusiasts of the color purple, but worldwide studies show blue as the number one hue! 


“Classic Blue” is the color that the sky turns as it gives way to twilight. It’s the color of your favorite jeans just after you break them in perfectly. So how can this deep shade of blue cause an uproar? Some people call it safe, boring, and dull. Other people consider it timeless and comforting. Pantone declares it as “a reassuring presence instilling calm, confidence, and connection.” It’s what the world needs now.


Regardless where you stand on the blue debate, we have seven project, which prominently feature similar color blues in the materials lists. I hope you find a way to incorporate “Classic Blue” into your jewelry designs this year!

Petrol Blue pearl and crystal jewelry set

Petrol Blue pearl and crystal jewelry set

Combine clusters of crystal pearls to make a Y-necklace, bracelet and matching earrings. Slightly off-center, but well-balanced, groupings give this jewelry set a composed composition.  Dive deep into the blue pool, or you can choose to add colors and create variations, stretching your color and design muscles. Click here for the downloadable project.

Vertical netting hex collar

Vertical netting hex collar

A monochromatic color palette draws attention to the dramatic shapes in this airy necklace.

The necklace uses bugle beads to create hexagonal shapes in vertical netting. Click here for the downloadable project.

September birthstone Sapphire crystal necklace

September birthstone: Sapphire crystal necklace

Sapphires are beautiful, expensive stones prized for their distinctive blue color. If your budget doesn’t accommodate sapphires at the moment, consider using Swarovski crystals in sapphire blue, as we did in this Y-shaped chain necklace. Click here for the downloadable project.

September Sapphire earrings hero

September: Sapphire earrings

I love the classic blue sapphire color, even if it’s not a real sapphire. These chunky Lucite beads in this earring design pack a powerful (but not overpowering) punch while the delicate chain accents add elegance. Click here for the downloadable project.

September birthstone Sapphire bracelet hero

September birthstone: Sapphire bracelet 

Keep it simple, practice, and have fun — that’s my jewelry-making motto. This little bracelet fits the bill with easy stringing. The ombré sapphire briolettes paired with deep blue lapis rondelles make something simple extra special. Click here for the downloadable project.


Lapis lazuli_hero

Lapis lazuli and chain mail set 

Lapis lazuli and pyrite pair up with chain mail to make a necklace and bracelet set with old-world appeal. Lapis lazuli, or “stone of azure,” was one of the first stones used in jewelry. It was highly prized by ancient Egyptian pharaohs for its intense blue, and it remains popular today. Lapis is often found near pyrite deposits. The best quality lapis has tiny specks of pyrite evenly distributed throughout the stone. The beads used here have large pyrite inclusions and are a less-expensive option than those of a higher grade. Click here for the downloadable project.



If you prefer a quiet evening of beading to a night on the town, this bracelet gives you just the excuse to “sit one out.” Use tiny cube beads, crystals, and seed beads to create a bracelet in a width to suit your own style! A faux right-angle weave technique means the rows come together in a flash and leaves you with the perfect places to attach a multistrand slide clasp. Click here for the downloadable project.


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