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Our attraction to diamonds is clear. From talismans and symbols of love to industrial 
and medical tools, this versatile gem has found a place in our hearts — and workplaces — lasting the test of time. But how well do you know diamonds? Take this quiz and find out. The answers are at the bottom below the photo.


1) The word “diamond” is derived from what word or term meaning “unconquerable”?

  1. The Greek word Adamas
  2. The Hindi word heera
  3. The Latin word illud
  4. The Urdu word ناقابل فتح


2) Diamond weight is measured in what?

  1. Carats
  2. Carrots
  3. Karats
  4. All of these


3) What is a diamond?

  1. mineral
  2. The crystalline form of carbon
  3. The element C
  4. All of these


4) How are the carbon atoms arranged in diamonds?

  1. Layered with weak bonds between them, making it soft and slippery
  2. Stacked with strong diagonal bonds, creating a distorted octahedron
  3. Arranged in tight three-dimensional patterns with strong bonds in all directions
  4. Found in orderly lattice arrangements with unpaired electrons, making it strong and bonded


5) It is said that the Romans and Greeks used to believe that diamonds were what?

  1. The tears cried by the gods 
  2. A symbol of courage, invincibility and strength
  3. Splinters from the falling stars
  4. All of these


6) It is believed that diamonds are generally formed 90 to 120 miles below the earth surface and are sometimes carried to the surface due to this?

  1. A great beast unearthing it and delivering it to worthy subjects
  2. A volcanic eruption
  3. An earthquake caused by tectonic plate movement
  4. All of the above


7) Diamonds are the birth stone of the people born in what month?

  1. April
  2. December
  3. June
  4. September


8) In what U.S. state is Crater of Diamonds State Park?

  1. Arkansas
  2. Arizona
  3. California
  4. New Mexico


9) Can diamonds can be burned? 

  1. True
  2. False
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  1. A


  2. A


  3. D


  4. C


  5. D


  6. B


  7. A


  8. A


  9. A


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