A new size of seed bead coming soon!

Excitement grows as beaders anxiously await the arrival of the newest seed beads.

2019 April Fools hero

 Announcing the brand-new size 52/0 Sand seed bead!!

Beaders love their seed beads, but we haven’t had a new size come out in a long time. Well, Bead&Button magazine has an exclusive preview on a new seed bead! It’s called the 52/0 Sand seed bead. If you love your 15/0s, you’ll love the 52/0 Sand bead even more.

In the photo above, I have a size 15/0 seed bead (right), a size 24/0 seed bead (center), and the new 52/0 Sand bead (left). I recently came across the size 24/0 seed beads and thought they were really small, but the new Sand bead is about half the size of a size 24/0, or the same size as a grain of sand.

This new bead will be available around April 1, 2020. It is taking a bit longer to produce, because even the slightest breeze in the factory blows them away. There are strict rules that anyone with a cold cannot be on the factory floor. Just one sneeze could wipe out an entire day’s work!

So keep your eye out in about a year for the new Sand beads, and dust off your magnifiers. You’re going to need them!

Oh, and Happy April Fools day, too!

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