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How did YOU get started beading?

As part of our 25th anniversary celebration, we asked our readers how they first got started beading and we were not disappointed!

Silver is the new buzzword among the Bead&Button staff, and it's easy to see why!

We are gearing up to celebrate our 25th anniversary and in addition to silver being the traditional gift to honor 25 years, it's a common source for jewelry-making. It's also a beautiful reflective material, and what better way to reflect back on 25 years of beading fun than by asking you, our readers, to share your memories and stories with us?

Before the 25th anniversary issue officially hits the stands, we launched a poll on Facebook asking readers to respond to a simple question:

How did you first get started beading?

From self-taught beading through instructional videos to learning from the talents of friends or family members, the sources of inspiration are endless. Maybe it was a piece of jewelry early on in life that became the vehicle for a budding passion. Or maybe it was picking up a copy of our very own Bead&Button magazine that has served as a faithful companion throughout the years. Whatever it was, we are glad that you are here and can't wait to celebrate 25 years with all of you!

The stories that we received are inspirational; stories of beading as a form of meditation, a hobby-turned-career, or beading just for the sake of beading. We couldn't wait to share a handful of beading stories brought to us by you, our readers. Here are the first two; stay tuned for more stories, coming soon on Facet!


Beading since she was 12 years old.

Main sources of inspiration: Bead&Button magazine and beading books

Jennifer's story:

"I got started at age 12 when my brother bought me a cheap Indian bead loom. We both started making patterns and having fun. Then I taught myself brick stitch because I wanted to make the Indian Fringe earrings. After that my stepmother bought me my first Bead&Button magazine in 2002. From there I taught myself peyote stitch and haven't looked back. I've learned everything I know from books and magazines. I now manage a bead store and sell my work at craft fairs, and I've had seven tips published in your magazine. I have no problem following diagrams and even designing my own patterns. I couldn't be happier with where this has led me and my current job and passion for beading and just love my life!

Eventually I would like to own my own bead store and make this my permanent job."

Jennifer_Design 1
One of Jennifer's own creations, Switchback Cellini Spiral. Visit her Etsy page for more!
Jennifer_Design 2
Another one of Jennifer's pieces, embellished herringbone spiral rope.


Started beading in 2007 as a hobby to address joint problems. 

Main sources of inspiration: Internet sources and Bead&Button magazine

Renata's story: 

"I started beading because of my many joint problems. I had to give up singing and playing the piano cause my back didn't let me. So I needed a hobby that I could do when resting. I browsed the Internet and came up with beading. At first it was just stringing, but I felt I needed something that challenged me more. Then in my browsing I discovered Bead&Button and I fell in love instantly - I purchased the yearbook and started working with it. After having worked with the book for some time, I decided to subscribe to the digital version. I am so happy that I found you guys.

First necklace
One of Renata's very first finished pieces, featured on her blog, Seadbeady!

After a bit of studying, I decided to go find the right store to get the supplies I needed. I got myself a pair of flat nose pliers, metal wire, a bead board, scissors, some lobster clasps, split rings, crimp beads and some lovely beads to work with. And this is how my first necklaces looked like.

Would I buy this in a store? Oh no sorry, not good enough. But at the time I thought they looked wonderful."

First wire necklace

"I remembered seeing something with thin metal wire that another colleague made. So I started searching the net again to find out how to make those. The net is such a wonderful invention, but [be] careful, you could get addicted just like me to my beads. And I haven't found a cure. Actually I am still not sure if I even want that cure. I hope this picture (RIGHT) is not too shocking, but this is what my first wire necklaces looked like."

Below are two pieces featured on Renata's Etsy page, demonstrating how far she has come! 

Colorful Bead Rope.
Renata now
Womans Flower Pendant, featured on Renata's Etsy page.


It is so great hearing your stories of how you began to bead. If you'd like to share your experience, or show us your pictures of your early projects and your work today, email us at, or watch for posts on the Bead&Button magazine Facebook page. We love to know more about our readers!

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