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Ksenia Korobko: A Conversation

Learn more about the Grand Award Winner in the 2018 BeadDreams competition
Ksenia 3
Korobko Golden Dragon 1
Golden Dragon, the winner of the Finished Jewelry category in the 2018 BeadDreams Competition

In 2018, Bead&Button magazine and, in conjunction with the Bead&Button Show, welcomed many submissions to our annual BeadDreams Jewelry Artistry Competition. There were three categories: the Young Beader Award, which was claimed by Paige Meseck of Milwaukee, WI; the Objects & Accessories Award (Heidi Kummli), the People's Choice Award (Cliff Swain-Solomon), and the Finished Jewelry Award. The Grand Award in this category belongs to Ksenia Korobko of Tver, Russia, for her stunning piece, Golden Dragon

As we reflect back on all of our winners and finalists, we like to take the time to understand each and every victor, because no two winning pieces are the same!

We interviewed Ksenia via email, and are pleased to share her charming responses here. The information about her bead embroidery process is fascinating.

Ksenia Korobko
Ksenia Korobko

Tell us a little bit about yourself and your background!

I was born and grew up in a small Russian town Tver, and I live and work in Tver [to] this day. I have a wonderful husband who supports me in every possible way and helps me in my work. I am the mother of two wonderful sons, whom I love very much. I create my own works. I experiment a lot, connecting different embroidery techniques. I do not teach.

Ksenia 4
Ksenia 5

Tell us about your winning piece. What materials did you use?

I worked for a long two months [on] this Golden Dragon (pictured above). I used velvet, metallic threads, Swarovski crystals, Czech beads, and a lot of different sizes of wire that I used for [the] skeleton and wings of the beast.

So you built him from wire?

To catch the proportions and features of the structure of the dragon, I learned the anatomy of these fairy-tale creatures [from] pictures, films, and even cartoons. I molded it from clay at first because I wanted to [achieve] a 3D effect for the jewelry. Because of the wire frame, the dragon can change its position. The tail is flexible and can be [moved] in different ways.

What is the best way to wear your piece?

Golden Dragon is a big brooch. It can be worn by attaching the dragon to the shoulder or wrapping it around the arm and back. Or you can turn it into a very effective necklace.

What is the technique that you used to create his skin?

The technique I use in my work is gold sewing. It is a craft with centuries of history. Embroidery with gold threads appeared in Russia in the 9th century.

I'm not familiar with gold sewing. Can you tell us more about it?  

I can make many types of embroidery, but for me, [my] most favorite technique is gold sewing. In my creations, I combine ancient and modern techniques and materials. I add beads and crystals to my embroidery.

I studied embroidery with gold in the city of Torzhok, in special school, where gold embroidery secrets are carefully kept.

Ksenia 1

So what are you making these days? Anything new that you'd like to share?  

I really love to create new jewelry. These days, I love to create new brooches. Brooch-bees, beetles, and ladybugs flew out of my hands! My work can be seen on my Instagram.

Anything else that you'd like to share with the Facet and Bead&Button readers?

I want to thank the BeadDreams organizers for the opportunity to participate in such a wonderful contest. I'm happy that my work got so high of a score. I hope that the competition will have further development, and many talented participants!

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