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The February birthstone

Crown jewels, anyone? Learn more about the February birthstone, amethyst, and its regal upbringing!
The idea of a different gemstone representing each month of the year dates back to Biblical times. The Jewish historian Josephus made a record of Aaron from the Book of Exodus wearing a breastplate decorated by twelve stones all the way back in the first century. We will be exploring the properties and traditions of each stone monthly on Facet. In February, the American Gem Society (AGS) recognizes amethyst as the stone of honor.
You might think you know this striking beauty, but as we've discovered with all of our birthstone coverage, gemstone lore is full of mystery!



Amethyst comes in all different shapes and sizes!

February is a strange month. Unlike its predecessor, February is unusually short. It can be gone in the blink of an eye. For many people around the world, it is also a particularly cold, dreary, and dismal month (looking at you, Wisconsin).

These reasons make the February birthstone that much more powerful, a beacon of purple light in an otherwise gray landscape. A layered cuff more suitable for the royal halls of the Queen? A glamorous necklace for an evening out? So many different ways to wear amethyst (and keep on reading because we have a number of project ideas for you!).

So, what exactly is amethyst, and what does this purple stone mean? 

Did you know? The ancients coined amethyst the "Gem of Fire". It was once recognized alongside other precious stones such as the diamond!

Similar to other birthstones, amethyst has a long and sacred history tied to ancient beliefs. For starters, it is composed of purple quartz, which blends violet and red to produce a hue reminiscent of royalty and decadence, harvest grapes, and flowing red wine. 

Speaking of wine, the word itself derives from the Greek word “methustos”, which means intoxicated. Legend suggests that ancient wearers donned the stone to gain protection from drunkenness.

Seeing as that’s not likely the most common reason to wear amethyst nowadays, let’s get to the nitty gritty – and by gritty, I mean literal grit (rocks and more rocks). Amethyst can be found in geodes or in the cavities of granitic rocks all over the world, making it the second most abundant material in the Earth’s crust.

Amethyst is commonly recognized for its purple color but the gemstone can also be found in shades of light pinkish violet and a deep purple that when angled in the light, reflect red and blue. 

It is associated with keeping its wearer clear-headed and clever, as well as enhancing intelligence.

But, above all, amethyst is worn for its beauty and versatility. Even if you're not a believer in its more superstitious properties, you can rest easy knowing you're wearing a gemstone that was once worn by the more regal among us!


Remember those projects I mentioned? Well, here they are. 

Feeling regal and glamorous? Try these on for size. As you can see, two very different shades of amethyst: a deep, royal purple, and a lighter shade. 

The intricacy of this bracelet isn't lost on us; but it's the elegant, stunning result that makes the planning worth it! Centered around a sparkling amethyst cabochon, this cuff is fit for royalty.
Triangular appeal
A glamorous, red carpet-worthy look without the price tag? Where do we sign up?! This necklace will pair spectacularly with anything you wear on your next night out.
Classy, yet elegant! 
February Amethyst bracelet
Amethyst comes in deep purple but also soft lilac. This elegant bracelet is simple to make but also versatile! Swap out the colors of pearl to contrast with the amethyst pendant.
February amethyst earrings
Keep it simple, but also dazzling! These wire-wrapped earrings encircled by amethyst round crystals are a keeper. 
Switch up your amethyst use a bit and go for the more subtle look with these easy projects!
February Amethyst bracelet 2
Royal purple shades not your thing? Try a mix of softer shades of amethyst and unusual looking beads for a nice color contrast in this easy bracelet project!
Amethyst crystal flower charms bracelet
For a subtle amethyst look, consider this crystal flowers charm bracelet and matching earrings. The power of purple reigns no matter the shade or quantity!
For more purple projects we love, check out our gallery of user-submitted content!
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