Demystifying Metalwork

What I learned at the Bead&Button Show 2017 with the help of Mary Karg
Mary Karg colored pencil layered pendant Her Display
The 2017 Bead&Button Show brought many memorable sights and experiences. I reconnected with old friends, met new venders, and explored new products. Topping the list of eventful experiences was my metalwork class taught by Mary Karg. While the title was a mouthful––Colored Pencil Multilayered Metal Pendant!––the session was straightforword, informative, and fun. One of my classmates described it as “demystifying!”
Mary Kargs Display_edited1
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Mary chuckled at the term “demystifying” as a way to describe her class, but I find it fitting for an introduction to metalwork. To start, Mary and her daughter, McKenzy, handed out step-by-step tutorials with an option to purchase Mary’s book, which included this project along with 14 other related projects.
Mary Karg colored pencil layered pendant Work stations
Mary Karg set up her metalworks class with plenty of tools and supplies for students to take turns using.
The large class was fully equipped with all required material, tools, and safety equipment. Plus, Mary contacted all the students prior to the class to inform them of the supply list, in case anyone wanted to bring their own items. I opted to arrive empty-handed, armed only with design ideas and great expectations, and was happily satisfied with the class.
Mary Karg colored pencil layered pendant Her Four
Mary showed the class inspirational pieces to get us started on conceptualizing our designs.
Mary Karg colored pencil layered pendant Marys Finish Piece_Enhanced
While we worked on our pendants, Mary created this pendant to demonstrate each step.
The project covered how to create double-layered copper shapes, with cut spaces for inset pearls and optional dangles, or other embellishments.
Mary Karg colored pencil layered pendant Tooth
Mary demonstrated proper techniques to her students before setting them loose to attempt the next metalworking step.
Among the many techniques we tackled: cutting, riveting, drilling, grinding, notching, patinating, drawing, and sealing. To do so, we used riveting hammers, steel bench blocks, Dremels and Flex Shaft tools, shears, notchers, and files.
Mary Karg colored pencil layered pendant Patina Hands 4
Before drawing on the metal with Prismacolors, two important steps must be completed.
Without divulging all of Mary’s tried-and-true tricks of achieving her color treatment, let me just say that a two-step process was used prior to drawing with Prismacolors and spraying sealant. Mary has perfected the process over a ten-year span, which shows in her work and tutorials.
Mary Karg colored pencil layered pendant Class Roundup_enhanced
The class proudly displayed their finished projects at the end of the class. Mine are the two blue-green, oval pendants.
Not only was Mary proficient and prepared but her humor and easy-going attitude made the class time fly by. She describes the class as “going back to Kindergarten with a brand new box of crayons, or, in this case, colored pencils!” If you have a chance to take a class with Mary, I highly recommend it.

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