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Free patterns for National Beading Week

heather KH 1
National Beading Week is a time to celebrate our passion for beads, to encourage others to start beading. Several jewelry artists have created patterns that you can download for free!

Here's UK Beading Ambassador Heather Kingsley-Heath's description of her Stack a Rainbow bracelets (above):

Why a rainbow? Well the (Beading Week) logo has a rainbow of beads on it. There are seven traditional colours of the rainbow, red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet, so that’s one of each day of National Beading Week (or eight if you are a Terry Pratchett fan and include Octarine, the colour of magic!).

Bright playground colours are not everyone’s thing, so how about a pastel rainbow just like the ones that light up our skies.

Or maybe a muted one lifted from the colours of antique tapestries. If you are more a single colour kind of person, how about going from the darkest shade to the lightest in seven steps. I’m loving the idea of a coffee lovers rainbow from sultry cafe noir to frothy cafe latte with shades of mocha and cappuchino in between. Closest to my heart would be a set of turquoise through green to pale lime.

Download the pattern, then have a joyous time picking out your beads and don’t forget to show and share your rainbow creations.

Laura McCabe pattern 2


US Beading Ambassador Laura McCabe created these stunning Deco Triangle Earrings exclusively for National Beading Week. 

Lately, Laura has been focusing on the Deco Era. She thinks that this glamourous time period has so much to offer in terms of an inspiring aesthetic, lending itself well to geometric beadwork.

green lariat


Jennifer Airs' Spiffing Lariat, made here in Spring Garden colors, can be adjusted for different lengths. 

Jennifer offers her unusual embellished netting project with supply lists for three different color possibilities, and uses magnets (covered in a peyote stitch "cup") to hold the lariat closed. 

tea light pattern

Artist Karen Gibson-Brown stuck with the rainbow theme but created this darling tea light holder. Her easy peyote/brick stitch pattern could be remade in any color palette, or with other dangle beads, to make charming, inexpensive gifts. She uses recycled jam jars and battery-operated tea lights.  

The patterns for all four of these projects, plus many others, are available to download from the Goodies page of the National Beading Week website

One note: remember that because many of these artists are British, some of the materials that they're using may not be readily available in the US. See what you have in your own stash that you can substitute!

If you make any of these delightful free projects during National Beading Week, be sure to post a picture to Facet!

People Chain x 12pngopt800x128o00s800x128
The rainbow logo for National Beading Week!
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