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National Craft Month, day 3

flea market

Unleash your creative juices by visiting flea markets and antique stores. You just never know what you will discover.

Flea markets can be so much fun for fueling the artistic mind. I don’t always know what I’m searching for, but I never fail at finding items that I am instantly confident I must have. I mean, how could I ever live without this ice crusher that I unsuspectingly stumbled upon? My grandmother used to have one exactly like this in her pantry. I was instantly transported back to my childhood when I found it. We used to put saltine crackers in there and crush them up. I now wonder why that was such an amazing activity for me, but I digress…

Anyway, “going antiquing” can most certainly spark jewelry design ideas and even present opportunities to unearth clever storage solutions for supplies.

During one of my last flea market excursions, I was amazed at how many vintage buttons I ran across. These would be perfect for jewelry designs or craft projects. Oh, I spy a super cute yellow flower button with a green center!

flea market bins
Wouldn’t these huge wooden bowls or this really cool set of drawers be a great eclectic way to store beading supplies?
flea market
And… I discovered my new beading table and chairs!! I know right? They are so retro! I could pretend I'm sitting inside the Brady Bunch house while I'm beading. I would be like, "Oh hey Marcia, what's up? Where's Greg?"
flea market
Lastly, a trip to the flea market would not be complete without some crazy kooky monkey (wearing beaded necklaces no less!) riding some wicked, full of sharp pointy teeth, previously alive stuffed animal (also wearing beaded necklaces!). I have no idea what that even is? A boar? And what the heck is sticking out of its mouth? I can’t tell. Some sort of foot?
flea market
And, as if you needed a different angle, I leave you with this photo (just in case you missed the green frog sitting down by it's feet next to the alligator that is drinking a Corona). Oh wait, now I see... that's a dinosaur head sticking out of it's mouth! I feel much better now. Oh wait!!! It gets even better... Look! the monkey's feet have been chewed off? What the heck? Did the animal get hungry and decide to take a quick snack break?
flea market display
Well, I’m not sure if I have inspired you to go celebrate National Craft Month at your local flea market for clever finds or have convinced you to run far, far away from them! One thing is for sure, you will most certainly be entertained! Go for it!

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