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Two-layer netted bracelet

Layers give new life to a classic netting technique


bracelet 6¾ in. (17.1 cm)

  • seed beads
    • 10 g size 11/0, color A
    • 2 g size 11/0, color B
    • 10 g size 15/0, color B
  • 2 snap clasps (optional)
  • 4 4–5 mm jump rings (optional)
  • nylon beading thread, size D
  • Fireline 6 lb. test
  • beading needles, #13
  • bentnose pliers (optional)
  • chainnose pliers (optional)
Figure 1
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You can make this reversible bracelet with a clasp or as a continuous cuff. To make it with a clasp, subtract the length of the clasp from your wrist measurement to determine how long to stitch the base. To make a continuous cuff, stitch the base a little longer than your wrist measurement. After adding the embellishment, test the fit to make sure the cuff will slide over your hand, and adjust it if necessary at that time.

Base netting

1. On a comfortable length of beading thread or Fireline, attach a stop bead, leaving a 6-in. (15 cm) tail. Pick up a repeating pattern of a color B 11/0 seed bead, a 15/0, a B, and four color A 11/0s four times, then pick up a B and a 15/0 (FIGURE 1, a–b). Sew back through the last B picked up (b–c).

2. Working in netting stitch, pick up four As, a B, a 15/0, a B, and four As. Skip the next 11 beads in the previous row, and sew back through the next B, 15/0, and B (c–d). Repeat (d–e).

3. Pick up four As, a B, and a 15/0, and sew back through the last B picked up (e–f).

4. Repeat steps 2 and 3 (f–g) until the band is the desired length. Use relatively loose tension throughout. Add thread as needed. Attach a stop bead to the working thread, and set this thread aside.

Figure 2

Embellishment netting

1. Secure a comfortable length of thread or Fireline at the beginning end of the band, exiting at FIGURE 2, point a.

2. Pick up six 15/0s, sew through the 15/0 in the middle of the next net, and sew back through the last 15/0 picked up (a–b). Pick up five 15/0s, and sew through the next B, 15/0, and B (b–c).

3. Repeat step 2, but sew through only a B and a 15/0 (c–d).

4. Pick up six 15/0s, and sew through the next B, 15/0, and B (d–e).

5. Repeat steps 2 and 3.

6. Repeat steps 4 and 5 for the length of the band, adding thread as needed.


Figure 3

7. After completing the last row, sew through the beadwork, and exit at FIGURE 3, point a. Repeat steps 2–6 along the length of the band to mirror the embellishment made in the first pass, but make the following changes:

  • Pick up five 15/0s where the instructions call for six, and four 15/0s where the instructions call for five (a–b). 
  • Sew through an additional 15/0 at each end of the B, 15/0, B groups (b–c).
  • Sew through an additional 15/0 before exiting the end B and 15/0 (c–d).
  • If desired, add a picot by picking up three 15/0s, and sewing back through the 15/0 your thread is exiting (d–e). 
If you have trouble getting the needle through the 15/0s on the second pass of embellishment netting, grasp it with a pair of chainnose pliers and pull gently until it slides through.

Photo A
Photo B

Finishing with a clasp

Remove any remaining stop beads, secure the tails in the beadwork with a few half-hitch knots, and trim. Open a jump ring, and slide it through one half of a clasp and one of the end nets (PHOTO A). Close the jump ring. Repeat to attach half of a clasp to the adjacent end net (PHOTO B). Repeat twice at the other end of the band with the remaining clasp halves. 

Figure 4

Finishing as a continuous cuff

1. Test the fit of the band, which needs to be large enough to fit over your hand. Add or remove rows if needed.

2. Line up the ends, and connect the first and last rows as shown in FIGURE 4. Fill in the newly formed base nets with embellishment nets. Remove any remaining stop beads, secure the tails, and trim.

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